Three of the most practical superminis

Superminis are now the practical option for those working to a strict budget and will continue to be so for the conceivable future.

The recession has pushed many households to amend their lifestyles in a variety of ways; from how we prioritise what we eat, enjoy ourselves and even consider driving. No longer are two car families the norm; with many of us having to settle for one to keep our brood on the move. This has revolutionised the supermini market, as no longer are they just small cars that were more about fun than functionality; an game that is now left to city cars. Superminis have to be just as practical as or even more so than hatchbacks and do it economically too. Here are the most practical superminis that money can buy affordably second hand at the likes of Carbase in Bristol:


Fiat Panda

This is an icon of the small car market that relies on its quirky design to help it be immensely practical. The sheer dimensions make the space it offers in the back for five easily accessible and make it the class-leader on space by a fair distance. Even the dashboard is geared towards taking onboard as much clutter as possible with cubbyholes as far as the eyes can see. Gone are the styling touches of the glitzy interior of the 500 with a focus on durability, usability and unique practicality.


Honda Jazz

Japanese build quality is second to none, which makes a practical supermini from one of their crop of manufacturers likely to be a hugely successful model. That is definitely true of the Jazz that can claim to be one of the most practical small cars money can buy. Boot space is so vast it beats anything in the supermini segment and makes admiring glances at the step up in size of family hatchbacks.  Its efficient use of space ensures that it is among the most versatile in terms of clever exploitation of seating. You can trade passengers for luggage room by folding seats flat or locking in vertically.


VW Polo

The People’s car maker just keeps rolling out good small vehicles; even if they are hardly inspiring mostof the time. The Polo is in a long line of durable, reliable and practical options that provide exceptional value for money. It is made to look like the much larger Golf and the feeling of space definitely does that inside the cabin. There is a major in refinement and flexibility with plenty of scope for adjustment and tailoring the interior to your needs. The boot may not be cavernous, but the Polo will never be lacking when you need space, which is impressive for a car with such good trim levels.


Superminis are now the practical option for those working to a strict budget and will continue to be so for the conceivable future.

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