All the ladies love pink – DS3s Make Over

Two trim options, the DStyle and the DSport, both covered in pink detail.

Citroen has announced an exciting new choice of its favored DS3 unit, with the limited edition that will catch the ladies eye. Two trim options, the DStyle and the DSport, both covered in pink detail.

Potentially the foremost noteworthy place for the colourful inclusion is the rooftop, that will be totally coated in the fuchsia effusion. The DS3?s will be available in either white or black body colours however both are bestowed with alike pink designs.

The motif is likewise stretched to the wing mirrors and wheel middle caps, that counterbalance the body shade in a genuinely distinctive method.

Nevertheless, it is not merely the outside that’s given the pink therapy. The pink is additionally found internally, connecting the instrument panel and incorporating  the colour-coded gear stick.

Moreover, the sporting enhancement additionally includes a standard spec pack, offering the motorist with auto head lights and wipers, back parking detectors, heated and electrical retracting wing mirrors and a prominent center arm-rest.

4 varieties can be purchased, divided over both the versions. The DStyle available with VTi 120 petrol engine, or a e-HDi 90 Airdream diesel alternative. Both of the engines available in the Sport version are twinned to 6-speed manual transmissions.


Author Bio: Mark is a car enthusiast with a passion for old, new, fast and slow! Whether it’s private, commercial, car, buggy or van? If it comes on four wheels it rocks! Currently working in Citroen Vehicle Parts Swansea he loves the opportunities to work with a variety of vehicles!

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