Gearhead Glory: 5 Most Enviable Celeb Garages

Celebs got the money to fork over for some pretty extravagant things. Why not garages? Take a look at some of the best celebrity garages ever.

Being a celebrity car enthusiast certainly has plenty of perks. Due to their financial success, celebrities are able to purchase awe-inspiring vehicles that most people can only dream of owning. Some celebs are even fortunate enough to own a customized garage to house their amazing rides. Here are the five most enviable celeb garages for you to drool at.


Jay Leno

The late-night TV host is known as one of the top car collectors in the world. At 17,000 square-feet, Jay Leno’s personal garage is larger than most car dealerships. Within the facility, Mr. Leno houses over 200 classic cars. The garage also features a machine shop and a full team of mechanics to keep every vehicle in pristine condition. His garage even has it’s own web page with constant updates and cool shout-outs to other car enthusiast celebrities.


Jerry Seinfeld

Although Jerry Seinfeld loves a variety of vehicles, he is especially fond of Porsche sports cars. Located in New York City, the comedian’s five-car garage is certainly a thing of beauty. While the garage may look ordinary from the outside, the entire inside is outfitted with touch-screen controls as well as a kitchen, pool table, multiple flat-screen TVs, and even an elevator.


Ralph Lauren

The fashion icon is also a well-known car fanatic. With over 70 classic sports cars on hand, his garage is among the most intriguing in the world. Not only does the garage have all of the latest high-tech tools, but there is also has an actual gas station on the premises. Each car is presented in a museum-like manner to the lucky guests.


Adam Carolla

Most notable for his popular comedic performances, Adam Carolla is also a top car collector. Constructed in the Hollywood Hills of California, his garage contains enough equipment to put a NASCAR facility to shame. After the required maintenance is performed on each vehicle, an elevator lifts the car to the upper-level, which displays it in a glass-walled showcase.


John Travolta

Known for his spectacular movie roles, John Travolta is also the proud owner of one of the most unique garages in the country. While most car enthusiasts will be impressed by the 15-car parking area, the garage also accommodates a private jet and a jumbo jet. The garage is connected to a personal airstrip that eliminates the need to visit a traditional airport.


You do not have to be a multimillionaire in order to own a fabulous garage. All it takes is a reasonable budget and a creative mindset. In fact companies such as Precision Door San Diego can help the average homeowner to replicate some aspects of these amazing garages.

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