Chevrolet Recall: Cruze Sedan affected

Cruze sedan is affected by Chevrolet recall.

Cruze recall has started by General Motors recently. The automaker is recalling about 3,161 vehicles, affected are Cruze sedans that were sold in the United States. The affected vehicles were manufactured between January 24 and August 1, 2013. The affected models involve 2013-2014 model years Cruze compact sedans with manual transmissions.


The problem with the affected cars is that the half shafts that deliver power from the engine may malfunction due to a supplier defect of the shaft’s connecting tube. One of the half shafts may detach causing a risk of a car crash.


If the shaft detaches from the tube when the vehicles is in motion then the car may come to a stop. And if it separated when the car is in a stopped position, then it may start rolling suddenly. The two instances are rather risky.


The automaker has notified the owners about the Cruze recall. The dealers will fix the problem free of charge.

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