Power Pack Features Of The Latest Hybrid Car – 2014 Ford Fusion Fuel Efficiency

This article explains about features of the latest hybrid car.

Hybrid vehicles have great features, and they are available at reasonable prices. There are tons of hybrid cars available for purchase, but the Ford Fusion is one of the best. This vehicle has tons of features and benefits. The most important feature of the vehicle, however, is the fuel efficiency. A hybrid vehicle’s fuel efficiency helps the driver save money and help the environment. When shopping for a hybrid, research about the congestion charge contact. Here are some of the fuel efficiency features of the 2014 Ford Fusion.

Hybrid Performance

Fuel efficiency is one of the main features of the Ford Fusion. It has an engine that provides 188 horsepower. The engine, however, is a gasoline engine. The car also has an electric mode. The overall speed is 62 mph. In the car, there is a visual aid that helps the user drive better and safely. Near the steering wheel, there is a Smart Gauge. There are screens on both sides of the speedometer. The brakes have a feature too called Brake Coach. It helps the driver use the car more efficiency. Other helpful features available on the vehicle gauge include Enlighten, Engage, and Empower. Each feature goes away as the drivers get better driving the vehicle. After a few weeks of great driving, the display will show vines and leafs. Drivers can also track hybrid drive, electric drive, and other important factors.

Plug-In Hybrid

Designed with a 7.6 kW lithium-ion battery along with a electric motor and an engine that uses gasoline, this device is very efficient. The battery has more than enough energy, and it can travel in an all-electric mode, but only for 21 miles. Drivers have the option to use the car’s plug feature for energy, or they can travel without it. The battery can be plugged and charged overnight with a 120-volt outlet. The company also offers a home charging station. It is 240-volts, and it fully charges the car in 3 hours. The fully charge vehicle can travel up to 620 miles. When the battery is low, the car will use the gas electric mode.

Ecoboost Hybrid Engine

There are three technologies found in the Ecoboost 4 cylinder. The technologies are turbo charging, direct injection, and twin independent variable cam timing. These features increase the overall performance and efficiency. The engines also have an auto stop, which decreases the vehicles emissions. This is great for the environment.



Aerodynamic Design

The Ford Fusion has Active Grille Shutters that reduce air contact and aerodynamic drag. Drags occur when air travels through the radiator. This is not an issue with this particular vehicle.
Improve Gauge
Located on the dash board are dual LCDs that give the driver detailed information. There is a screen that lets the user customize the system. Using the screen is easy because the steering wheel has a four way mount. The gauge gives the user helpful information, such as fuel economy and fuel history. The leafs keeps the driver on track. When the driver does not use the vehicle efficiently, the leafs will fade. The leaf can be customized 4 different displays.

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