Got An Unwanted Old Car? Here Are Some Ways That You Can Get Rid Of It!

Sometimes when people buy different cars, they keep their old ones on their driveways and buy their new cars first so that they always have a car to drive.

Sometimes when people buy different cars, they keep their old ones on their driveways and buy their new cars first so that they always have a car to drive.


If you bought yourself a new car and you aren’t sure what to do with your old runabout, here are some common, clever and interesting ways that you can get rid of your motor!

1. Sell your car



OK, so this might be an obvious suggestion but it is one that is worth suggesting. Individuals and commercial organisations buy cars all the time, regardless of whether it is in A1 pristine condition, or it looks like a shed on wheels.


There are many ways that you can sell your car, here are some ideas to help get you started if this is something you want to do:

Newspapers – all local newspapers have a classifieds section where you can advertise your car for sale, and most of the time it’s free to do so;

Online – a more popular alternative is to advertise your car for sale online. There are many websites you can use, such as auction websites and specific motoring classifieds websites;

Cash for cars firms – there is a plethora of companies out there that are willing to buy your car for cash, such as WeWantAnyCar.

2. Donate your car to charity



If you aren’t too bothered about receiving a sum of money for your car, you should consider donating it (or rather the proceeds of any sale or scrappage) to a charity of your choice.


Non-profit organisations such as Giveacar will arrange for your car to be collected for free, and then with the money they receive for either selling or scrapping your car, they will give the proceeds minus any admin costs to your favourite charity.


It’s a great way of helping a worthy cause, and you also get your driveway space back again!

3. Scrap your car


So you’ve got the car of your dreams on your driveway, but you still have your old battered wreck parked next to it and making the place look downmarket. If funds are tight after buying your new car, and your old car isn’t worth very much, you could always take it to your authorised treatment facility (also known as a scrap yard) and get the scrap value of the car.

They will issue you with a document called a Certificate of Destruction and inform the DVLA that you are no longer responsible for your car. In order to maximise the amount of money you are likely to get from a scrap yard, you could use a website such as CarTakeBack.

It will give you quotes from a number of local scrap yards, and you can choose whether to deliver the car to them yourself or have it collected from your home (tip: you will get paid more money if you deliver the car to them yourself).

4. Grow your plants in your old car


Of course, one thing you could do is repurpose your car and use it as a handy place to grow your plants in!

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