Acura 2014 RLX recall

Acura RLX recall affects nearly 8000 cars.

Honda has announced about its Acura RLX recall. Affected are about 7,751 vehicles of 2014 model year. Affected in the recall are 364 cars in Canada and 7,387 cars in the United States.


The Problem

The problem with the affected vehicles is that the rear suspension bolts are not tightened properly. The bolts may come loose increasing the risk of an accident. There is not an official statement by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) yet, but there is one compliant on their website. The complaint states that a similar incident occurred with the car, but the driver managed to overcome a crash.


The Fix

The automaker will start notifying the owners about the Acura RLX recall next month. The dealers will fix the problem free of charge.

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