Why You Should Opt For Leasing

Often you must be wondering how you could possess a utility vehicle for which you may not have to worry about loan repayment or buying one on your own savings which is tricky most of the times.

Best service providers come to you with the best alternative to buying, which is leasing. Leasing a car requires you to rent a car on a long term basis through fixed monthly payments. Since you only need to make fixed monthly payments, you’ll be saved from the trouble of worrying about unpredictable costs or depreciation because the job of selling the car falls on the leasing company.


How It Works


Initially the customer pays a rental equal to the amount equal to three month fixed rental. Henceforth the customer makes regular monthly payments during the complete term of the lease. Normally once the contract period expires, or comes to an end, probably in 3 to 4 years time, the customer simply returns the car to the company. After this, he may also opt to purchase the car based on the type of car. Leasing can be chosen by anyone- whether you’re an individual or a company. There are different types of lease varebil services available based on your needs such as , finance lease, contract hire, contract purchase, lease purchase and others to name a few.


Benefits Of Lease Over Buy


Of course, there are plenty of benefits of leasing a vehicle, some of them are,

Low and fixed monthly payments

Initial deposits are low

Road tax and breakdown recovery included

Contract durations and mileage terms are variable

Service costs can be spread through optional maintenance


With this facility, another good thing that you can avail is that you get to drive a new car every 3 – 4 years with the entire standard manufacturer’s warranty. So are you willing to avail this opportunity at the best rental options? Then simply click here to get better deals.


The Car Leasing Process


Following are the general steps that are involved in leasing a car. Let us help you understand in brief, what it is like.

Once you make a lease request for a vehicle, we order it from one of  our supplying dealers

Then you get an email confirmation telling you when the vehicle is expected to arrive with the supplying dealer

The finance team then sends you all the finance docs through email

You’re then supposed to sign and return the docs through post

A confirmation email for the receipt of docs is sent to you via email

A member of our admin team will contact you once it is known that the vehicle has arrived at our supplier’s place. Here you get the date and time of delivery

You’re at last needed to sign an acceptance document upon being delivered with the vehicle


You get all these benefits at the least amount of risk and financial security. What else can you expect more from a genuine van leasing company like firstlease.dk?

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