Unleashing The Latest Cars in India

The automobile companies in India are grabbing the attention of car buyers with their new models.

The automobile companies in India are grabbing the attention of car buyers with their new models. Many companies have come up with different car models that are not only alluring but also performance oriented. Here is the list of latest cars in India that have been making headlines in the country.


Skoda Octavia

Recently launched, Skoda Octavia is the third generation model that been completely revamped both outside and inside. It has been said that this car has drawn inspiration from the Vision D concept. It has the seeming resemblance to the 2013 Skoda Rapide of the European spec, which is also based on the same design philosophy. The car makers are set to launch the new Sokda Octava this October 2013. It has been moved to the softer lines, having more rounded edges for providing modern, premium and classier feel to the car. Skoda Octavia is become wider (up from 1.7 to 1.8 meters), longer up from 4.5 meters to 4.6 meters) and the wheelbase has gone up by 108mm.


Nissan Terrano

The Terrano is one of the latest cars in India. It is said to be the Nissan’s version of the Renault Duster. This time, the Franco-Japanese alliance is having more than just the facility in the country. Nissan Terrono is yet another car from Chennai with simple badge engineering. This car shares some of its components with its French sibling and based on the same platform as the Duster. Nissan Terrano will offer same transmission/ engine options, have similar dimensions, wheel size, cabin space and interior trims. It will be available to Indian buyers in both petrol and diesel variants. Its diesel version will bear 1.5-litre dCi engine, which also powers the Duster. This will be offered in two different grades, namely, 110bhp for the top spec version and the 85bhp base variant. On the other hand, the petrol variant will have 1.6-litre four-cylinder unit that will churn out 102bhp and 145Nm of torque.


Tata Nano CNG

The cheapest car of the world, Tata Motors’ Nano has been in the market for about four year with significant share. However with the increasing competition in the low cost segment with Hyundai Eon and Alto 800, the Nano has been observed as one of the hardest hit in the market. It is making the strong case for the facelifted version. Datsun K2 is considered as its rival. Counted among the latest cars in India, Tata Nano CNG has already been found tested on different occasions sans camouflage that reveal most of the facelifted bits.


Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport 2014 is considered to be a bit of Enigma. This car bears all the hallmarks of the badge and is provide to be the capable off roader. Range Rover Sport 2014 has sporty overtones, which is making it stand out from the standard 2014 Range Rover. This car wad unleashed at the 2013 New York Auto Show after spy shots of the car and two weeks of continuous teasers. This car retains the original features when it comes to exterior with the sportier overtones.

In terms of overall design, the Range Rover Sport retains the same features outside but obviously as we said before with the sportier overtones.The most interesting addition by Land Rover to the all-new model is the optional third-row seats that stay hidden under the boot floor and can accommodate two children.

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