Infiniti M Sedan Recall

The article is about the Infinti M sedan recall that is a part of a larger recall.

Infiniti M sedan recall is a part of a larger Nissan recall that has been announced by the Nissan Motor Corporation lately. More than 900,000 vehicles worldwide are affected by the Nissan recall. Thus, affected are:


More than 98,000 vehicles in the US

More than 760,000 vehicles in Japan

The rest of the vehicles are being recalled from Europe and Oceania


Let us now concentrate on the vehicles that are being recalled from the US. All the affected vehicles were built in Japan during 2004 to 2013 years. Only Infiniti M sedans of 2006-2010 model years are being recalled from the US. As for Japan, X-Trail, Serena, Fuga and Lafesta model are being recalled.


The problem with the vehicles is that the vehicles may undergo lack of acceleration. Thus, the automobiles will be recalled soon so that the dealers could replace the defective car parts with those that are functioning properly and faultlessly. The repair will take about 90 minutes.


The owners will be notified about the recall via registered mail during October. If own a vehicle that is under recall, you can contact Infiniti at 800-662-6200 for more information concerning the Infiniti M sedan recall.

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