Car Maintenance Costs By Brand: A Complete Guide | 2021

car maintenance costs by brand

There are tons of car brands in the market such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Chevrolet, etc. Each brand comes up with different maintenance costs. As a car buyer, you want to check the car maintenance costs by brand first.

In today’s topic, I will discuss everything you need to know about car maintenance cost by brand before buying one. So hang tight!

After going through the whole content, you will get a clear idea about buying a car according to your maintenance affordability.

Take a look at today’s topic

  • Car maintenance costs by Brand
  • The most expensive cars to maintain
  • The least expensive cars to maintain
  • Car maintenance checklist
  • Car maintenance service
  • Lowest cost of ownership cars
  • Average maintenance cost per month
  • Miscellaneous

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the detailed discussion.

Car Maintenance Costs By Brand

Minor Repairs and Updates

Car is the second most expensive belonging for most Americans. After a mortgage, they spend around 5% of their income to buy a car. They also spend 5% on maintenance and insurance policy.

Not every car is built the same, so maintenance cost is not the same. Here is the list of the car maintenance costs by brand.

RankCar BrandMaintenance Cost
9Land Rover$8,800

Note: The cost is subjected to change.

Now Let’s Go Through The Most Expensive Car Brands To Maintain


After seeing the list, there should not be any doubt in your mind that BMW is the most expensive car brand to maintain. BMW is a German brand and its parts are also expensive.

If you are thinking to buy a BMW, you may have to pay

  • $150-$400 per service ( every 10,000 miles)
  • $1000-$3000 or more (for major service)
  • $1000-$1700 (per year for maintenance and repairs)

There is no doubt BMW expensive to maintain than the other brands. Check the list below of different BMW models and their costs.

BMW ModelAverage Annual BMW Maintenance Cost
BMW 330i$748
BMW 528i$825
BMW X3$1034
BMW X5$1166
BMW M5$1173


After BMW, comes Mercedes-Benz, which is the second most expensive car brand to maintain.

It is also a German company, which means you have to pay a lot for its maintenance and repair.

Mercedes-Benz charges $12,900 for over 10 years of maintenance, as you can see, that is a hefty price.

Mercedes-Benz maintenance cost is expensive, though it varies by model. The owner pays an average of $908 per year for its maintenance and repair. Some models have affordable maintenance costs.

Here is the list of some Mercedes-Benz models and their maintenance costs.

Mercedes-Benz ModelAverage Annual Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Cost
Mercedes CLA250$736
Mercedes C300$739
Mercedes E350$788
Mercedes ML350$1020
Mercedes E550$1059
Mercedes S550$1249
Mercedes GL450$1293

Your actual maintenance costs depend on how well you maintain your vehicle. So, you can buy a Mercedes-Benz if you are ready to pay big bucks for Mercedes maintenance costs.

The Least Expensive Cars To Maintain

Fixing Your Car

I have already mentioned the most expensive and the least expensive car maintenance costs by brand in the preceding list. While BMW and Mercedes-Benz can cost you an arm or a leg, Lexus and Toyota are the keepers. So, if you are in the market for cars with the lowest maintenance cost, you can never go wrong with Lexus or Toyota.


Lexus is actually the luxury version of Toyota. Its maintenance and repair costs are cheaper than the most expensive brands BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Lexus maintenance cost is affordable to all because Lexus owners have to spend only $551 per year for its maintenance and repair.

Here is the list of different Lexus models and their annual average cost.

Lexus ModelAverage Annual Lexus Maintenance Cost
Lexus IS 300$428
Lexus ES 350$468
Lexus RX350$550
Lexus LS460$767
Lexus GX460$770
Lexus LX570$832

As you can see, Lexus maintenance cost varies by model. Also, the maintenance cost varies as the car gets older.

So, if you think Lexus expensive to maintain, that simply is not true. The maintenance cost of Lexus is about three times less than the expensive German brand cars.

Lexus Repair Near Me

As a Lexus owner, you need the best maintenance and repair. Repair work varies as car maintenance costs by brand. To drive your Lexus car at its best, you can never ignore repair.

The repair works of Lexus include

  • Brake work
  • Routine maintenance
  • Transmission repair
  • Engine repairs
  • Tune-ups
  • Steering and suspension work


There is no need to say that Toyota is one of the lowest maintenance cars. That is why Toyota is in the last position in the car maintenance costs by brand list. A Toyota owner spends about $441per year which is so cheap for maintenance and repair.

Here is a list of different Toyota models and their maintenance costs.

Toyota Model5- Year Maintenance Cost
2015 Toyota Prius$5,895
2015 Toyota Corolla$5,196
2015 Toyota Carmy$4,981
2015 Toyota Highlander$5,892
2015 Toyota RAV4$6,477

Toyota Repairing Cost

Toyota’s average annual maintenance cost is $441. This is significantly lower than the $652 national average of all car brands.

Some of the most common repairs of Toyota car brands are as follows.

  • Brake pad replacement: $205 to $286
  • Water pump replacement: $288 to $1,750
  • Head gasket replacement: $1,609 to $3,302
  • Spark plug replacement: $127 to $456
  • Alternator replacement: $464 to $795
  • Starter replacement: $393 to $423
  • Fuel pump replacement: $665 to $2,103
  • Catalytic converter replacement: $1,446 to $1,506
  • Radiator replacement: $528 to $853
  • Valve cover replacement: $159 to $533

Even though the maintenance and repair cost depends on the car owner, Toyota’s maintenance cost seems cheap. Its maintenance and repair quality is up to the mark, no doubt.

Car Maintenance Checklist

To prolong your car’s life and performance, you need to know about the car maintenance checklist. The checklist usually includes the parts of your car that need to be checked regularly to make sure your car stays functional for the long run.

Faulty parts of your car can put both you and your car in danger. So know the checklist and your car will be at its best behavior and you will stay safe.

I have categorized the checklist according to its time. This checklist has direct relevance to car maintenance costs by brand. Take a look

  • Regular checklist
    • Engine Light
    • Tire Pressure Light
    • Headlights and Tail Lights
    • Wiper Blades
  • Monthly checklist
    • Engine Oil
    • Coolant/ Antifreeze
    • Windshield Wiper Fluid
  • Every 3 months or 3,000 miles checklist
    • Automatic Transmission Fluid
    • Battery and Cables
    • Belts
    • Engine Air Filter
    • Hoses
    • Power Steering Fluid
    • Exhaust
    • Tire Pressure and Condition
    • Tire Treads
  • Every 5,000 miles checklist
    • Engine Oil and Filter
    • Tire Rotation
  • Every 6 months or 6,000 miles
    • Chassis Lubrication
    • Exterior
    • Wiper Blades
  • Every 12 months or 12,000 miles checklist
    • Brakes
    • Cabin Air Filter
    • Coolant/Antifreeze

In addition to these, you also need to check special cases such as—

  • Battery
  • Tires
  • Spark Plugs
  • Brakes
  • Timing Belt

Lowest Cost Of Ownership Cars

People sometimes want to buy a low-cost car. But keep in mind, the price of the car is not the ultimate expenditure. The maintenance and repair cost of a car adds up a lot of costs for the owner. That is why they often search for the lowest car maintenance costs by brand.

The low cost of cars gives them a heads-up as they can spend the money on their maintenance and repair.

Here is a list of 10 cars with the lowest costs of ownership.

1) Nissan Versa, Estimated Cost Of Ownership: $14,449 ($4,816/year)

  • MSRP: $11,990
  • Depreciation: $7,060 (58.9%)
  • Insurance: $4,089 ($1,363/year)
  • Fuel: $3,300 ($1,100/year)

2) Honda Fit, Estimated Cost Of Ownership: $15,161 ($5,054/year)

  • MSRP: $16,090
  • Depreciation: $8,396 (52.2%)
  • Insurance: $3,765 ($1,255/year)
  • Fuel: $3,000 ($1,000/year)

3) Kia Soul, Estimated Cost Of Ownership: $15,298 ($5,099/year)

  • MSRP: $16,100
  • Depreciation: $7,411 (46.0%)
  • Insurance: $3,837 ($1,279/year)
  • Fuel: $4,050 ($1,350/year)

4) Subaru Impreza, Estimated Cost Of Ownership: $15,636 ($5,212/year)

  • MSRP: $18,395
  • Depreciation: $7,923 (43.1%)
  • Insurance: $4,263 ($1,421/year)
  • Fuel: $3,450 ($1,150/year)

5) Kia Rio, Estimated Cost Of Ownership: $16,078 ($5,359/year)

  • MSRP: $14,165
  • Depreciation: $8,380 (59.2%)
  • Insurance: $4,098 ($1,366/year)
  • Fuel: $3,600 ($1,200/year)

6) Mazda Mazda3, Estimated Cost Of Ownership: $16,152 ($5,384/year)

  • MSRP: $17,845
  • Depreciation: $8,544 (47.9%)
  • Insurance: $4,158 ($1,386/year)
  • Fuel: $3,450 ($1,150/year)

7) Toyota Yaris, Estimated Cost Of Ownership: $16,280 ($5,427/year)

  • MSRP: $15,250
  • Depreciation: $9,020 (59.1%)
  • Insurance: $3,960 ($1,320/year)
  • Fuel: $3,300 ($1,100/year)

8) Honda Civic, Estimated Cost Of Ownership: $16,291 ($5,430/year)

  • MSRP: $18,740
  • Depreciation: $8,839 (47.2%)
  • Insurance: $4,152 ($1,384/year)
  • Fuel: $3,300 ($1,100/year)

9) Nissan Sentra, Estimated Cost Of Ownership: $16,331 ($5,444/year)

  • MSRP: $16,990
  • Depreciation: $8,528 (50.2%)
  • Insurance: $4,353 ($1,451/year)
  • Fuel: $3,450 ($1,150/year)

10) Hyundai Accent, Estimated Cost Of Ownership: $16,357 ($5,452/year)

  • MSRP: $14,745
  • Depreciation: $8,596 (58.3%)
  • Insurance: $4,161 ($1,387/year)
  • Fuel: $3,600 ($1,200/year)

Car Maintenance Service

Regular car maintenance service obviously extends your car’s life. Any mechanical failure of your car costs you both time and money. The regular maintenance service affects car maintenance costs by brand.

There are some car maintenance services which you should not skip at all.

Here is a list of 10 overlooked car maintenance services that help your car run smoothly.

  • Power Steering Service
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Differential Service
  • Cabin Air Filter Replacement
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Transmission Service
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Brake Service
  • Cooling System
  • Fuel System Cleaning

Regular Maintenance Car

How smoothly does your car run? How long do your car’s parts last? The answer to these questions is just regular maintenance.

Proper maintenance keeps your car in top condition. Your vehicle needs maintenance from time to time to ensure your safety.

Regular maintenance for most cars starts at 5,000 miles and keeps on going from there every 5,000-10,000 miles.

The information about when and how your car needs maintenance is given in the owner’s manual. And to top it off, a good maintenance and repair shop helps you to maintain your car.

Here is a list of 9 tips for your regular maintenance car.

  1. Acquaint Yourself With Your Owner’s Manual
  2. Check Your Tires every month
  3. Change Your Oil and Oil Filter on Schedule
  4. Replace the Air Filter With Oil Changes
  5. Inspect All Other Fluids
  6. Examine Belts and Hoses
  7. Always Listen and Feel for Brake Issues
  8. Replace Wiper Blades as Needed
  9. Remove Battery Corrosion

Average Car Maintenance Cost Per Month

Average car maintenance cost per month

When you buy a car, other costs are added to your spending such as

  • Fuel
  • Parking
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance

After considering all the costs, you will be able to figure out your car maintenance costs by brand.

Loan Payment

Some people may pay cash for buying a car while others may opt for a down payment. An advantage of the down payment is that it can reduce your monthly payment and the total amount of interest.

Take a look

Vehicle cost (with taxes and fees)$37,300
Your down payment$5,000
Total car loan amount$32,300

The Additional Cost Of Owning A Car

While buying a car, you pay for additional costs. These includes

Car Insurance

Car insurance is required in most countries. You can get a quote of insurance from the insurance agent about the car you want to buy. Different cars have different insurance quotes.

In 2016, the average car insurance premium in the U.S. was $88.50 per month or $1,062 annually.

Your monthly car insurance premium can add to the monthly cost of owning a car.

Total monthly car loan payment$648
Average monthly car insurance premium$88.50
The total monthly cost of owning a car$736.50 per month


Another cost that adds to the monthly cost is fuel. If you drive a lot, you need to buy a car that gives you more mileage. While buying a car, you must take into consideration the miles-per-gallon ratings of the car.

Fuel expenses add to your monthly cost of owning a car. More or less fuel cost adds to your car maintenance costs by brand.

Monthly car loan payment and car insurance premium$736.50
Average monthly fuel cost$164
The total monthly cost of owning a car$900.50 per month


Although your car might be brand new, you may have to pay for its maintenance costs. On average new vehicles cost $1,186 each year for maintenance and repair. Car maintenance costs by brand differ from brand to brand and model to model.

Monthly car loan payment, car insurance premium, fuel, maintenance$900.50
Average monthly maintenance cost$99
The total monthly cost of owning a car$999.50

Other Potential Costs

Besides the above-mentioned costs, additional costs add to such as

  • Vehicle registration fees
  • Vehicle property tax
  • Parking

Every good thing comes to an end. Hence, we have reached the end of this comprehensive guide on car maintenance costs by brand. If you have read the guide thoroughly, now you must have a good idea which car is compatible with your needs.

Don’t take maintenance of your car lightly. A well-maintained car will save you headache and money down the road(no pun intended). So, when it comes to the car maintenance costs by brand, pick your choice and enjoy your ride.

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