Car maintenance: Four Services That Should Be Regularly Scheduled

Make your car live as long as possible with these tips.

The best way to prolong the life of your car is to keep it well-maintained. While strictly following the owner’s manual may seem difficult, there are four services that should be scheduled on a regular basis.

Oil Changes

Use your owner’s manual to determine how frequently your oil should be changed. A good rule of thumb is every 3,500 miles or three months. Some manufacturers have alerts to tell you when you should get your oil changed. The best recommendation is to follow the advice of your owner’s manual.

Filter Changes

When you get your oil changed, make sure you are also getting the oil filter changed. It is also a good idea to check the fuel and air filters regularly. Filters can be a frequent cause of check engine lights coming on so it is important to keep them clean. To improve the comfort and quality of the air inside your vehicle, don’t forget to have your cabin filter changed. Again, the intervals to follow for changing these filters can be found in your user’s manual, but it can’t hurt to have them checked while you are getting an oil change.

Tire Balance and Rotations

Another cost-saving maintenance service to be performed regularly on your car is the tire balance and rotation. This allows all four tires to wear evenly. By having this done, you can prolong the life of your tires and prevent a costly replacement before the life of the tire has expired. It is also important to become aware of the recommended tire pressure for your car and periodically check to be sure you are meeting this. The wrong tire pressure can cause hazardous driving and may possibly lead to many more costly repairs.

Fluid Levels

Oil and gasoline may be the two most important fluids in your car, but it is imperative to have your coolant, brake, transmission and other fluids checked and maintained according to the schedule found in your owner’s manual. This will keep everything running smoothly in the engine and help to prevent costly repairs. Ramy’s Garage can work with you to ensure your levels are safe.

By following the user’s manual of your car and these simple tips given, you can keep your car running safely and efficiently. This is the best way to protect such a large investment that you depend on every day. Remember: scheduling maintenance is always easier than scheduling repair!

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