Four Lessons We Can Learn From the Biggest Auto Expos In the World

The worlds largest Auto Expos in the world and what we can learn from them.

The largest auto expos occur in cities all around the world, from New York, Chicago and Detroit to Frankfurt, Germany and Delhi, India. These auto expos attract massive media and consumer attention. The shows combine a wide array of different business and marketing strategies. Businesses today can learn four lessons from the largest auto expos in the world.

Customers Want Expansive Fan Experiences

Something that can be seen at all the largest auto shows is the development of expansive fan experiences. Las Vegas holds the SEMA Show every year and constantly creates excitement for their audience by showing what the companies are doing. You can create the same excitement by including literature, multimedia displays and information about current and future vehicles or innovations. Consumers respond strongly to this type of experience. They spend more time engaging with a single brand. This builds loyalty, trust and excitement.

Social Media Makes a Difference

Another lesson to learn is that social media is making more of a difference than ever before. An increasing number of people are learning about auto expos through social media. Social media is also used in venues like the New York and Delhi auto shows to drive consumers to live events within the expo. Kiosks and display booths are using social media to quickly and cost-effectively transmit information about vehicles to consumers. Social media is becoming an integral part of the customer experience.

Promotions Are a Necessity

Promotional products that are imprinted with logos at auto expos draw consumers to different booths and exhibits. Auto companies showcasing new models at the Las Vegas Auto Show were freely distributing branded hats, key chains, flags and shirts – all imprinted with the auto manufacturer’s name and model. Promotional items are important for promoting a business. Existing customers see them as rewards, and they encourage brand identity in new consumers. Businesses in Las Vegas talk to experts at companies like to develop branded products. These promotional products will improve marketing efforts and drive traffic to the business.

Unexpected Announcements Create the Most Buzz

The unexpected announcement of the re-release of the Stingray from Chevrolet during the Detroit Auto Show eclipsed many other stories from the event. Unexpected announcements create the most buzz, generating earned media that ultimately reaches consumers. Businesses that reveal surprising new products or innovations and tradeshows or launch parties could benefit from the surprise. This can create an immediate following and potentially garner free mentions in the media.

Auto expos today are using cutting-edge technology to engage consumers and promote new vehicles. Companies are gathering information about consumers throughout the show. A major lesson to learn from the largest auto expos in the world is that understanding the brand and the customers is essential for developing a good marketing strategy.

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