Honda Will Expose All Models At Tokyo Motor Show

Honda is going to expose most models at Tokyo Motor Show, including the N-ONE and several variations of popular Mugen Racing N-ONE concept.

As one of the most popular car manifactured in Japan, Honda has announced that intends presented all models at the Tokyo Motor Show. After show began Honda will allow local audiences to look over some of latest models, including the N-ONE and several variations popur Mugen Racing N-ONE concept.

The most interesting models will be available, Acty Truck and Vamos; a special place will be reserve to Modulo S2000 Climax, a concept based on the S2000. This model is equipped with a new aerodynamic and refurbished interior. Display will be “powered” by CR-Z Mugen RZ, Mugen CR-V Design Study and a couple of motorcycles and Goldwing F6B RC213V.

Japanese manufacturer will show HSV-010 GT and the Mugen CR-Z GT models from the Super GT championship, there will be Docomo Dandelion Racing Team bolid which was triumphed at Formula Nippon championship this year.

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