5 Stupid Motorcycle Stunts the Driver Actually Survived

Unfortunately, people like to do stupid things, especially with vehicles. These antics can be quite funny, however, as long as the individuals aren’t terribly injured or killed in the process!

Sometimes, trained professionals can do amazing stunts at motorcycle shows that thrill audiences. Other times, untrained amateurs can try to emulate those stunts and fall flat on their faces. As long as they don’t horribly injure themselves in the process, the latter can sometimes be even more entertaining than the former. Here’s five examples of stupid motorcycle stunts that went wrong for the riders.

1) Wheelie Kid

Here’s a valuable tip for those just starting out with motorcycle stunts–if you try to pop a wheelie and have trouble maintaining control of the bike, on the next attempt you may want to try REDUCING your speed. Wheelie Kid does the opposite and winds up in a ditch, much to the entertainment of his friends and the whole world. Learn from his tragic miscalculation and exercise better judgment!


2) Leapfrog Gone Wrong

It’s hard to say what’s more amazing about this stunt–that the guy attempting to leapfrog an oncoming motorcycle is wearing no form of protection whatsoever, or that after getting flipped in midair he gets right back up as if nothing happened! Either way, it can’t have been pleasant to get hit by the motorcyclist’s helmet in the crotch.


3) Stunt Video Goes About As Wrong As It Possibly Can Without An Explosion

An ill-advised attempt at making a stunt video ends up looking like a scene from the Grand Theft Auto video game as the aspiring young stuntman loses control during an extended wheelie, hits a median and watches his bike skid a good 30 yards down the road without him. Thankfully, no one else was in its path. Not so thankfully (for him), a police officer was just behind the stunt convoy and immediately sits everyone down and starts putting people in handcuffs. One can only hope he had a good motorcycle accident attorney on speed dial after that fiasco!


4) A Face Full of Buses

If you’re going to jump a row of vehicles, please remember that you have to actually jump them. Merely driving up the ramp and letting the bike roll off of it without you will lead you into the same unfortunate predicament as this cyclist. He finds himself experiencing real life “ragdoll physics” as he flies face first into the side of a bus. Amazingly, he lived to tell the story to his grand-kids, albeit after some serious dental work.


5) Oops! Undercover police!

A biker taunting a driver by maintaining a wheelie directly behind him learns the hard way that he’s taunting not just any driver, but an undercover cop when the car brakes suddenly and flips its lights on, giving the wannabe stuntman a nice case of road rash in addition to his trip to the slammer.


Motorcycle stunts are awesome and sometimes motorcycle wrecks are awesome too. If you’re not trained, however, you’re seriously rolling the dice with your health. It’s better to leave it to the professionals and the fools.

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