F1 Paddock Club Abu Dhabi an Amazing Experience

People who have been to GP races before always prefer to get a ticket to this club.

So you have searched for your Abu Dhabi f1 packages from the Abu Dhabi grand prix race packages already. And you definitely would have come across the Paddock club Abu Dhabi while selecting between different f1 hospitality packages. This club is what every visitor looks for. It is situated in the pit area from where you can have an excellent view of the race. It also has the air-conditioner to keep you safe from the hot weather. People who have been to GP races before always prefer to get a ticket to this club.

The Features

This ticket that you buy will be a cherished memory for years to come. The F1 Paddock Club Abu Dhabi is an area loaded with surprises and luxuries. You are offered the access to snacks, earplugs, lunch, drinks, bar, parking passes and VIP view. One feels pampered and comfy during the whole event.

Best suited for groups

In case you are planning to take your friends along or if it is a family tour, it is the best choice among the Abu Dhabi grand prix packages. The F1 Paddock Club offers a spacious private area that can accommodate up to 70 people or more. This makes it ideal for groups and corporate bookings. You may even customize the seating arrangements as per your choice.

Cost and availability

The F1 Paddock club Abu Dhabi is a favorite among the niches so be sure to get your seats reserved in the beginning of the year. The availability of seats is impossible during the racing season. The cost of the ticket is higher than the other clubs and places as it is the most exclusive club of the event. It has so many add-ons and luxuries which is why it is priced higher. If you are seeking for all comforts you must buy this package but in case you are tight on budget then you may consider other Abu Dhabi f1 packages.


 The F1Paddock club Abu Dhabi is rated among the favorites by the visitors and tourists. It is jam packed with luxuries and comforts and allows you to enjoy the event to the most. However this is not your only option. If the Paddock club Abu Dhabi is all reserved and all seats have been sold do not worry. You may get a ticket in any of the neighboring clubs they offer comforts too. The 4 day race event is the most awaited sports and adventure event of the year and people from all over the globe enjoy coming here.

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