Why Electric Scooters Are Better Than Gas Powered Scooters

Why Electric Scooters Are Better Than Gas Powered Scooters

Just as electric cars are better than fossil fuel powered cars so too are electric motorbikes and scooters better than their fossil fuel powered counterparts – why? We’ve all heard of the environmental benefits of driving an electric vehicle, nowadays generally abbreviated to ‘EV’, but are they as good as fossil fuelled vehicles?


The answer to that is no, they’re not as good – they’re better, much better in fact, for as the ‘real life Tony Stark’ Elon Musk has demonstrated with the release of the all-electric Tesla S sedan, there’s no longer any need for a vehicle to run on fossil fuels to make a lasting impression on the likes of Top Gear fans – they’re impressed and electric vehicles are here to stay.


Why choose an electric vehicle over their fossil fuel powered counterparts?


Whether you’re considering the purchase of an electric car, motorbike or scooter there are a number of reasons why you’re making the right choice by opting for an EV over a gasoline powered vehicle and not only because you’ll be doing the environment, and therefore us all, a favour.


Save yourself money. As a motorist you’ve undoubtedly noticed that the price of petrol rises but never falls. This is a trend we’re going to see more of and the scarcer oil reserves become the higher the price will rise. Electric vehicles are already more affordable to run and they’re going to become increasingly more affordable in comparison to fossil fuel powered vehicles.


Help the economy. Are you happy about our country’s reliance on foreign oil reserves? Chances are you’re not, so by opting to drive an electric vehicle over a gasoline powered vehicle you’re helping to reduce our country’s reliance on foreign fossil fuel supplies which is better for the economy and therefore better for us all.


Combat global warming. Global warming is the biggest, most worrisome challenge we face and the sooner we say ‘no to fossil fuels’ and ‘yes to green alternatives’ the better our chances of having a future to look forward to become. We can all reduce the CO2 emissions we’re responsible for by travelling by electric rather than fossil fuel powered vehicles.


Why ride an electric motorbike or scooter?


In addition to the reasons outlined above – and the countless additional reasons for choosing electric vehicles over fossil fuel powered vehicles – there are some excellent reasons for riding an electric motorbike or scooter.


Manoeuvrability – Get about town comfortably. The smaller tyres on electric motorbikes and scooters mean they’re more manoeuvrable and easier to ride than gas powered motorbikes and scooters. This not only makes them easier to get about town on but much safer to ride as well.


Simple operation – Now everyone can ride! Electric motorbikes and scooters are well known for their simple operation so they’re much easier to get about on and therefore safer, plus in many cases you won’t need a driving license either.


Step-through clearance – Designed with everyone in mind. One of the commonly cited problems that many people have experienced with motorbikes is that they’re simply too big. However, electric scooters with step-through clearance are designed with everyone in mind so you don’t have to be of a big build to ride one comfortably.


Cost of purchase – Don’t overlook cost effectiveness! If you’re going to buy a vehicle to get about on it has to be cost effective. In addition to saving money by no longer having to buy petrol you’ll also find that electric motorbikes and scooters are actually very affordable and in the same price range as gas motorbikes and scooters.


Reduced noise levels – Now you can hear yourself think. Gas powered motorbikes and scooters are notoriously noisy so by choosing to ride an electric motorbike or scooter over a gas powered one you’ll find that you can actually hear what’s going on around you. Whilst the noise emitted by a gas powered vehicle is something akin to a lawnmower, the noise emitted by an electric motorbike or scooter is more of a low hum.


These are a few of the many reasons why you’ll find it a wise choice to ride an electric motorbike or scooter, and there are many more to take note of.

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