Audi Introduces Laser Lights at CES (7th – 10th January)

Audi will introduce new laserlight technology at CES held in Vegas starting tomorrow (7th January, 2014).

Las Vegas consumer electronics show is about to host another top car brand besides Ford. The latest to join the CES crowd in the City of Sins is Audi, whose engineers prepared a customized version of Sport Quattro concept we have had a chance to meet in the 2013. A study performed by Audi, named Sport Quattro Laserlight, has for a goal to introduce laser lights technology.


Even though fairly young, LED lights have already flooded the global market and it seems that Audi has in mind to come up with yet another invention in the field of automotive lights. Along with BMW, Audi has been experimenting with laser technology for some time now; hence we are to expect a handsome lightshow in Vegas. 


Audi has announced that they have packed the laser lights into their Sport Quattro concept with a brand new Laserlight tag with which this car will appear at the fair in Las Vegas. According to Audi, laser front lights are three times more efficient comparing to LED, whereas their photons reach up to 500 meter distance. It seems that this year’s consumer electronics show in Vegas will be worth of attention to all the automotive fans.

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