Nissan is Working on Small Sport Car

Nissan has announced that it is developing a small sports car that would be placed in the Japanese manufacturer below the model 370Z’s.

This years in a recent interview auto show in Detroit, the company vice president Andy Palmer’s statement  that the new model will be the type of cars that  people ‘either love or hate. ”

The official did not elaborate but merely noted that the concept design, which will announce a production model, will be introduced over the next year. Since it will be placed in Nissan located below the GT-R and 370Z, the new sport car will be no competition in the Subaru-BRZ or Toyota GT 86 but it would be focussed on a younger model like Juke’s. Palmer said that it would be a model of ‘no remorse’ and we can only assume that it will be a hybrid or even fully electric drive.

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