2013 Chicago Auto Show

Visiting 2013 Chicago Auto Show you will chance to see the newest technical innovation, new concepts, hybrids, electric cars and much more.

Every year, Chicago holds one of the biggest auto shows ever to be seen, and the 2013 Chicago auto show will be no different. When you think about all of the new technology and new vehicles that will be present, you can only agree that this will be one of the most important times of the year for new car buyers, collectors, and automotive manufacturers. If you enjoyed the motor show Chicago in 2012, then get ready for what is to come in 2013, because it will prove to be one of the biggest shows ever.

In March of 1901, many people really didn’t understand what a simple eight day event would become all these years later. Originally established by Motor Age Magazine, the show was held at the Coliseum exposition Hall on Michigan and Wabash in Chicago. What would be a simple national automobile exhibit would turn into a nationally recognized automotive show that would attract buyers and sellers from around the world.

Today the auto show is much different in a way that new technology comes to Chicago every year, and this will be especially true on February 9th through the 18th 2013. Whether it’s your first time visiting the motor show Chicago, or you’ve been a fan for some time, you will be able to experience such things as:

1. Concept Cars
2. Convertibles
3. Sports Cars
4 Hybrids
5. Sport Utility
6. Electric
7. Super Cars
8. Crossovers
9. Luxury
10. Economy Cars

These are only some of the cars you’ll be able to see and experience once you’ve had a chance to visit. However, there is much more you’ll be able to do and see when you visit this location and check out some of the Chicago auto show cars being placed on display.

For those planning to make a day of visiting the 2013 Chicago auto show, don’t forget to learn more about parking and public transportation in the area, how to get around the auto show to make the best of your day, and getting tickets early so you can take advantage of all that this show has to offer. Speaking of getting tickets early, you might even consider booking hotel reservations ahead of time as well.

As you’ll discover, the 2013 Chicago auto show will have a lot going on, but the biggest thing to remember will be to take advantage of all the new technology that will be coming available. More and more vehicles will become hybrids and you will see even more electric vehicles being presented as well. You will have a lot to consider so book your visit early, this way you’ll be able to see all there is to see and do all there is to do.

So, if you’ve been thinking about visiting the 2013 Chicago auto show, get ready to experience something truly amazing. There will be a number of attractions to visit, as there is every year, but this year you will be able to view a number of vehicles on display that can’t be compared to any other year. Book your visit early and grab your tickets, because the Chicago auto show is almost here.

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