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This article talks about how you can win either a Gen-F HSV Clubsport R8 or an FPV GT playing a charity lottery. Even if you don’t get the car, you helped someone in need!

Lotteries are popular all over the world. The anticipation that comes with knowing that you have a chance to win a huge amount of money just by buying one ticket is something that draws people to this activity.


However, there are lotteries that serve more than just the people who buy the tickets. Lottery charities are a variation of regular lotteries since they are set up in order to support charitable causes.


This means that you have the chance to win the prize money, a brand new car or a holiday to some exotic destination, while your money is spent to support good causes like cancer research, homeless food programs and to create sustainable funding for the operations of non-profit, charitable organizations.



Cars for Cancer Lottery


Various organizations can organize a charity lottery as one way of raising funds for the cause. The Cars for Cancer charity is one such lottery organized by the Mater Foundation to help fund cancer research.


The lottery only gives out 150,000 tickets so participants have a great chance to win either a brand new NEW GEN-F HSV Clubsport R8 or the FPV GT, stunning car models that will allow winners to hit the road or the track in style.



NEW GEN-F HSV Clubsport R8


The NEW GEN-F HSV Clubsport R8 is the entry model in the HSV Gen-F line and sports a 6.2 liter V8 petrol engine, 367 mm four piston calipers in the front and back, as well as launch and competitive mode controls. Other features include the across-the-range driver preference dial, a bi-modal exhaust, black detailing, forged alloys, an aluminum bonnet, front dash brace which makes this car lighter than a regular Holden’s, and the elegant interior design of VF Commodore range.

Think that you can do better? There’s always the option to choose the FPV GT.



Ford Performance Veichles GT


This limited edition model sports a sticker kit and wider tires than a regular FPV GT Falcon with even more power and dexterity, thanks to the additional 9 inches in tire width. Other features include the simple liquid launch system, a powerful all-alloy 5 liter Miami V8 engine, and produces more of the official 335 kW and 570Nm of torque. Improved upper suspension mounts and upper control arm bushes make for more comfortable turns and less roll.



Reasons to Participate in this Charity Lottery


Lottery charities are an effective way for non-profits to fund their activities since they are legal and are open to anyone who is willing to buy a ticket. Charity lotteries operate with a license from the government and donate a majority of the proceeds to beneficiaries. The proceeds from these lotteries are also distributed without any political interference, unlike state and national lotteries.


There is no better reward than any of these beauties for the price of one lottery ticket!


But even if you do not win, there is always the consolation of knowing that your money is going to a good cause, an advantage that you will not enjoy with regular charities. So buy that $30 ticket now!


This small act of philanthropy not only helps cancer research, it gives you the chance to drive home either of these amazing automobiles as well!

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