Microsoft Made Warthog From Halo Game

Microsoft Made Warthog From Halo Game, and it’s based on Hummer.

Video games are a very lucrative business, most of them in the first weeks of game  launch, earning even more than Hollywood blockbusters. Microsoft has also found a way to make more money if decide to create movie based on Halo game.

Even if the game does not end on the big screen, Microsoft has made an effort to create a functional and faithful replica of a fighting vehicle “Warthog” (wart hog). Although this is not the first Warthog ever made, it is a copy of a recent model that was recently found in the Halo games.

Judging by some parts of the chassis, it can be concluded that the vehicle based on the Hummer, which is logical because of size and purpose of this vehicle. We have to note that the panels seem like they are made of plastic and fiberglass, which certainly would not be good in the event of an attack by Covenant.

Video bellow is created a year ago, you can see animated presentation of Warthog form Halo game

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