The Best Racing Games For PC

If you are a car fan, you should probably imagine how pimping your car how do you want, but unfortunately many of us can’t afford it. Just because of that there are famous car simulations for PC such as old good Need for speed serial or some other racing games.

Here you’ll find what the best racing games are for PC. I collect some of the best drive simulation games and want to share with you. Except that I’m going to tell you what is my experience with these games, why are they so popular and why I choose to write exactly about them? You have a lot of games for PC, but I choose just the best from all categories. I have something for everyone from series such as Foruma 1 to NASCAR, Rally driving or just driving trough the city and pimping your car.

First, one that I choose is F1 2012.  This game has some dismiss and advantages, and I’m going to mention both. This is third game from Codemaster with this theme, and I must tell you for now it is the best one. They have some improvement with graphic, but they must work on it, especially with car sounds and physics. For professional drivers, this game would be something ordinary because it’s nor real driving experience that we see in other popular racing games.  But big advantage is that you don’t need to spend money for some driving simulators; you can use your keyboard and enjoy in game. Second good thing about this game is game play. The youngest players can learn very fast how to play it and to make a picture how it’s to be a real Formula 1 driver.

Second very popular racing game is DIRT rally. This game is made by Codemaster too, and it’s pretty good. If you want some rally game with very good graphic and game play this is an excellent choice for you. Unlike Formula 1, this game has better physic, and it’s big challenge to play it. You can choose different categories to play, and the best is the online mode. You can race versus your friend in tournament or drive solo race. If you are looking for car simulation with different weather condition, and great off-road race challenge this game will be first choice for you.

Need for speed most wanted is a sugar end. This is the most popular racing game for PC, PS2 and other consoles. Expect a great game with many racing modes and car pimping, this game has something that other doesn’t have. It’s police chasing. You start a game just like all other racing games. You have some mission and racing to complete, then you are earning money and buying and pimping other cars. Expect classic racing mission you have some “boss” mission where you must defeat driver who has a better car than you, and after you defeat him, you can get his car. Trough game if you don’t respect traffic police take care of it. For beginning classic police is chasing you and after a few brakes, they got support and other things to arrest you. This is very interesting racing game, and I would recommend it for everyone.

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