BMW C 600 Sport Authority Vehicle

The German car brand BMW has been producing Authorities vehicles for decades. The C 600 Sport is their most recent entry on the market.

BMW is one of Germany’s most prestigious brands and not only on the auto market. BMW is a brand that exceeds its field; it’s a brand name that signifies success and respect. The same goes for other German car brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, of course. Indeed, German cars, perhaps along with the Japanese ones, offer a significant guarantee to the customers and potential owners that nothing can go wrong with them. Germany car producers, just like Japanese ones, have a tradition in working with the best car engineers,  their employees being trained to work hard and deliver the best results. Therefore, BMW is part of a long standing tradition that doesn’t show any signs of declining.


BMW is known for its prestigious cars and motorcycles, which ordinary people like us can enjoy as well, since their prices make them affordable by a wide range of middle class citizens around Europe and the U.S. Lately, BMW cars and motorcycles are available in China, India, Brazil and Turkey too, given the impressive percentages of economic growth registered by these countries during the last decade. 


Not only ordinary people like me and you are drawn by BMW’s credibility and high performance. As a matter of fact, there are some people who are even more interested in these characteristics, as it is a matter of doing their job even better. These are the people working in the security field, such as policemen and employees of other agencies with the task of guaranteeing internal state security.


BMW has been involved in authority vehicles for about 85 years. BMW 501 and 502 were once the symbol of the Munich Police. Overall, since 1970 BMW has produced over 130.000 authority motorcycles. It is clear that this number makes BMW a preferred partner for security agencies around the world through the years.


BMW has recently participated in the Milipol 2013, which took place in Paris. Milipol 2013 was the 18th edition of a worldwide exhibition of internal State security machinery. It was launched in 1970 and nowadays it is held every two years. The goal of the exhibition is to promote security technology and equipment in a world where dangers from criminal and terrorist activities are still a painful reality, even for the most developed states.


BMW presented at Milipol its brand new C 600 Sport in authority design. Moreover, it also presented the BMW F 800 GT and F 700 GS. As it concerns the BMW C evolution, the company is trying to explore the possibilities of an electrically powered scooter as an authority vehicle. It is an environmentally friendly vehicle that offers special equipment designed especially for the needs of authorities and security institutions.


In addition, except from authority motorcycles BMW will be presenting at Milipol 2013 supplies such as gloves, boots and suits for police forces and other security institutions. 


BMW is a giant of the auto industry. Its technological innovations cannot but attract a vast variety of clients and customers. From individuals who dream of a BMW motorcycle in order to take the road trip of their lives to family oriented men who wish for a car that will never betray them when they take their children for family holidays, BMW is a brand that surpasses the limits of only a few target groups.


If you sell fancy colorful clothes, it is only natural to focus on how to sell your merchandise to teenagers. But in the case of BMW, though, the target group is simply everyone willing to invest in a car that can endure and perform ideally, regardless of the circumstances.


It therefore doesn’t come as a huge surprise the fact that security services and police forces are choosing BMW to be their supplier. Being able to do their job well is a matter that affects the whole of society; therefore, they couldn’t but have chosen a company that will never let them down. Catching the bad guys while riding your BMW motorcycle:  doesn’t it sound just as interesting as the summary of a Hollywood movie!? Enjoy your ride!

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