New Car Arrivals of 2013

These global car giants have impressed the Indian audience with their flawless performance over the years.

These global car giants have impressed the Indian audience with their flawless performance over the years. The international car brands have always maintained their exotic appeal in the Indian automobile market. Few of these cars are known for their ultimate looks and finish. Thus we can say that each foreign car has got a specific market section to cater to. The others are famous for the unbeatable performance and cutting edge performance delivery. The SUV section of Indian car market is assured to face a neck-to-neck hustle between Ford Ecosport and Duster this year.

But this tradition is about to face a renaissance with various new players joining this year like Porsche, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin. The luxury car section of India has been always under the swagger of the royal trinity of BMW, Audi and Mercedes since past so many decades. The X1 model release by BMW in India is scheduled for this year. This is an entry level model that will sense the car market trends in India. Depending upon the response, various other luxury car manufacturers will make Indian market as the target market for their latest car creations. All of these will put up a tough fight to become the uncrowned king of car carnival in India. The year 2013 will witness the rising competition level in economy and hatchback sections in Indian car market. The established moguls in this section are Maruti, Hyundai and Tata.

The probable wild card entries of this year are Skoda, Nissan, Mahindra Ford and Renault. Honda performed not up to the expectations in sedan section last year. All these car manufacturers have one trump card each of new cars up their sleeves this year.A lot of changes are expected in the Indian automobile market this year. Few of these will be fresh arrivals while others will be a revolutionized version of previous models. The year 2013 will showcase a minimum of fifty new car launches. Maruti A-star is expected to get a facelift in the form of new model cars for the required boost in its sales in the year 2013. The compact sedan section will be expecting the arrival of reinvented M&M Verito, Honda Amaze and Manza-Indigo. With rising petrol prices, the diesel models are expected to get their due in car market this year.

The likes of Audi and Mercedes are also following the same trends. They are supposed to launch car models priced within the price range of 25 lacs in India first. Many new cars in India are expected to be launched this year. Depending upon its market response, they are planning to strategize further. With its dwindling profit level and overall market share, Maruti Suzuki has to gear up its recovery if it wants to survive the rising competition levels. The classification of luxury car section has few main sections namely convertible sport coupes MPV, super luxury sport sedans, SUVs and few more. The worst – hit car manufacturer in the year 2012 was Maruti Suzuki. A lot of strikes and production unit shut down led to heavy loss incurring by it. Then again the massive campaigning strategy by its rivals made its plight even worse.

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