Isuzu SUVs being recalled due to Suspension Corrosion

Isuzu recall affecting more than 8,000 vehicles will start in mid-December.

About 8,816 vehicles are affected by Isuzu recall. More concretely, the following vehicles are being recalled:


2003 model year Rodeo Sport

2003-2004 model years Rodeo

2003-2004 model years Axiom


Models sold or registered in some of the US states (Michigan, Maine, Missouri, Maryland, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky and the District of Columbia), are being recalled due to corrosion issue.



The problem is that the forward mounting point for the lower link of the rear suspension may corrode. This may increase the risk of a car crash.

The automaker will start notifying the affected owners in the middle of December. The manufacturer will offer the owners of the affected SUVs 3 types of resolution:


If the area has no rust, then the dealers will treat it with an anti-corrosion compound.

If there is some rust, the area will be fitted with a reinforcement plate

If the corrosion is severe, the manufacturer will buy the car back


Owners of the affected vehicles may call the manufacturer at 800-255-6727 for more information about the Isuzu recall.

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