About 59,000 Chevy Malibu Vehicles recalled

Chevrolet Malibu recalls affect more than 59K cars.

Two separate Chevrolet Malibu recalls affect about 59,000 Chevrolet vehicles. The first recall affects about 15,000 vehicles of 2013 model year. These cars are equipped with eight-way power driver and passenger seats. The thing is that the wiring harness in the affected vehicles may undergo wear, thus resulting in a short circuit. In certain cases even a fire may result due to this issue.


The automaker is aware of two cases of fires due to the defect, but there are no reported injuries or crashes yet.


The second recall affects more vehicles. About 44,400 cars of 2014 model year are affected by the recall. The problem is connected with the HVAC. The defroster may malfunction. If the defroster malfunctions the windows will not be possible to defog. This may result in accidents and crashes.


Thus, the majority of the vehicles is being recalled from the US (about 57,605 cars), then comes Canada with 1,047 vehicles and the last country is Mexico with 683 cars.


The manufacturer will soon notify the owners about the two recalls and the dealers will fix the problems free of charge. If you are a Chevy owner, you may contact the automaker at 800-950-CHEV for more information about the Chevrolet Malibu recalls.

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