Toyota Again Overtakes BMW To Become Most Valuable Brand In World

This whole annual study was conducted on the basis of the strongest companies belonging to the various industries in which Toyota replaced BMW.

There is good news for all the Toyota fans that at last Toyota has one more time overtakes the BMW for winning up with the title of being the most valuable brand in the world. Forbes has undertaken with the survey in which BMW was find out to be one of the most powerful brands in the marker that deal out with the fabolous cars. But now the Millward Brown new survey report has highlighted that in the year 2014 Toyota has overtake the MBW and now Toyota has been named as being the most valuable car brands in the whole entire automobile globe.


This whole annual study was conducted on the basis of the strongest companies belonging to the various industries in which Toyota replaced BMW. In the year 2013 the brand value of Toyota has reached at the level of $24.5 billion that has all increased by 12 percent as compare to the previous year. Well this fame and success has been just accounted in the Toyota because of their eye catching hybrid vehicles. On other side of the story BMW has the brand value of almost $24 billion that has decreased about 2 percent as compare to the previous year of 2013. Well in simple we would say that in this overall study Toyota was ranked on the 23rd spot, while BMW was spotted on the position of 24.


In this same annual report Mercedes-Benz was placed on the extreme third place in the automotive category who has gained tremendous success by 11 percent as compare to the previous year with the brand vavlue of $18 billion. Honda has the brand value of $12.4 billion whose popularity has been move downward to 2 percent and Nissan has the approximate brand value of $10.2 billion with the increase up to 3 percent. Well in this list Volkswagen was the only company that was counted in the list of top 100 overall and was stood in 100th place. Audi received the highest place by gaining the fame of 18 percent in the year 2013 with the brand value of $5.5 billion.


In the top three spots we have the famous and well known technology based companies named as Apple, Google and IBM who ruled on the top three spots. Since the last few years BMW has been ruling over the position that is higher than the Toyota but now it seems to be impossible for this year. In the year 2006-2009 as well Toyota stood on the top positions and in 2011 as well.


Toyota has just gained the 12% success to US$24.5bn just because of their powerful hybrid market. BMW market value has bee fallen to 2% to US$24bn just because they have been launching the new products that were complete failed in one look. By the end of the article we would one more time like to mention that top first brand was Apple (US$185bn), second was Google (US$113.6bn) third was IBM (US$112.5bn) fourth was McDonald’s (US$90.2bn) and fifth was Coca-Cola (US$78.4bn).


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