New Nissan Qashqai Ready To Go for 2014

The new Nissan Qashqai is creating quite a buzz in the media and with buyers. With not long to go until its release date in January 2014 we look at some of the features and price points.

On November 7th the Qashqai was revealed to the world by Nissan. After the roaring success of the first generation vehicle there was a media frenzy to get a first peak at this much anticipated crossover. The motoring media seems to have responded well to the launch with the price point very well received starting at £17,595 and going up to £27,845 depending on the configuration.


It is safe to say that this new model is not revolutionary; but it builds on what made the first generation such a big seller. The public have made it clear in research polls that a combination of the unique crossover appearance that Nissan created and the high quality interior that made the 2007 Qashqai so great.


The 2014 Qashqai comes in Visia, Acenta, Premium Acenta and Tekna variations.


The entry level Visia at £17,595 comes with a range of standard features such as BlueTooth link up, integrated cruise control and a smart hill-start assistance system to prevent stalling. It’s features like this that make the Qashqai an appealing model for the stylish urban driver.


The mid-range Acentas are slightly more expensive starting at £19,145 but come with a lot of added extras that warrant the increase. These models are fitted with 17 inch alloys, auto-functioning lights and wipers, neatly segregated front/back cabin air con and a leather wheel. The Premium Acenta which is a further £1850 adds a range of extras to the electronics and cabin which turns this model into an intelligently controlled luxury space.


Finally there is the Tekna which is the top of the line when it comes to the 2014 Qashqai models. Needless to say this is an absolutely fantastic version; but you definitely pay the price for it at £27,845 when getting the complete package. You’ll get electric seats, parking assist systems, full leather interior, LED headlamps and 19 inch fitted alloys.


All of the models above will be kitted out with high performance engines that include the much sought after stop-start technology. There will be two petrol/diesel engines available ranging from 109BHP to 148BHP. The emission levels are also variable from 99g/km (within the zero UK tax bracket) and 129g/km.


These new crossover vehicles will hit the roads in January 2014. It is then that the public will make its opinion known on whether Nissan have cracked it again. It’ll be interesting to see how the sales figures progress over the year. However you should keep in mind that sales figures don’t always represent direct purchases from manufacturers and dealerships. You can get the new Qashqai without actually purchasing the full vehicle from leasing companies which contributes to sales figures.

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