The Best Guide How To Sell My Car

You want to change your car because it’s old or you liked some other vehicle? Then take a look best guide how to sell my car!

Are you wondering how to sell my car and in same time earn good money to buy a second one? Well, you’re in the right place. Thanks to this article you’ll sell your car for price that you planned for. The best part of everything is that today you have different ways to sell your car, and it is not same as it was before 10 years. Today we have a powerful car agent who can help us sell a car quickly. It’s the internet!

1.Price your car
On the internet, you can find useful advices and guides how to sell or buy a car very affordable! First that you can do if you’re planning to sell your car is to research and price your vehicle. You have many different online services and tools that can help you easily to price your car. It depends from many factors such as, mileages condition, options and the region in which the car is being sold. Then you can compare the price range of some popular online car supermarkets. Besides that you should always put higher price than it worth because people always want some discount when buying! Then you can be easy drop the price.

 2. Advertise your vehicle
If you want to sell your car quickly you should advertise your car. You have many free services where you can advertise your car, or you can use social networks to advertise your car. The best options are Twitter and Facebook, because people hanging on the social network whole the time, and they can see your adds. When you post your ad online, you should also post plenty of photos of the car from all angles. In your description, you should mention if your car has any scratches, mechanical issues or dents. IF you own car video, it would be the only bonus for you, and your car would be more wanted.

3. Show your car to the customers
When you finished all the previous steps, you should allow customers to see your car. When you receive some calls about your cars, you’re very close to selling. That means that you finish previous steps correctly, and your car is wanted. Before the customer appeared you should wash your car and prepare for showing. When a buyer appeared, ride along with him and answer questions about car, or if he insists to visit some mechanic and inspect the car.  

4. Negotiate your best price
I already mention that you should post bigger price than you plan to sell your car. Before people always are looking for some negotiation, if your car worth 10 000 $ put the value 10 500 $. When he asks for discount you can say, „My last price is 10 000$.” That could be the final move while you’re selling your car.

5. Finalize the Deal
When you consider all things from this guide how to sell my car, you have only last thing to do. It’s to finish with paperwork. After you finish your conversation with customer and he tested the car and agrees with price, then you’ll show car registration and all legal paperworks.

Besides that you must limit your liability, it’s most important. Customer can get some penalty, and if you don’t resolve all law things before sell a car, you can be responsible.

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