FAIL: Don’t Make These Mistakes When Selling Your Car

Selling your car takes some consideration – these are the mistakes not to make

There comes a time in many car owners’ lives where their existing car needs to be sold to make way for a newer model. Sometimes, people might want to sell their car simply because they need the money, or they might not need the use of a car.

Regardless of the reasons why you might want to sell your car, your main aims will be to sell the car as quickly as possible, and to get as much money for it as possible. But on some occasions, people make some spectacularly epic mistakes when they try to sell their cars, and subsequently wonder why they have not been able to sell the car for the price they wanted (if at all).

Here is what you can do to make sure you don’t make any mistakes when you sell your car:

Don’t trade your car in

This is probably the biggest mistake many people make who want to buy a car from a dealer! If you go on websites such as Parkers and enter your car’s make, model and mileage details, you will see that the trade and private sale values for your car can, in many cases, have a significantly big gap between the two values.

The only times you should consider trading your car in is if your car is not worth a lot of money and you probably wouldn’t get much money for it in a private sale anyway.

Don’t sell a dirty car

If you treat your car like a waste disposal unit and never bother to clean it (or get someone else to valet it for you), then you will get the least amount of interest in your car, and those that are interested in the car will offer you a ridiculously low price because they know that they will get an absolute bargain!

There are many hand car wash centres in all major towns and cities in the UK, so get them to clean your car for you if you don’t want to. It will only cost you about £20 or so, and will be well worth the money.

Don’t be vague with your adverts

Many people advertise their cars with literally one sentence of text! The problem with doing this is that you aren’t giving your potential buyers full details about your car, such as its condition, service history, and information on any pre-existing issues that would need to be addressed by the new owner soon.


If you are advertising your car online on websites such as eBay, they can helpfully provide some standard specification information about the car, but many people don’t add any further descriptions to their adverts. This lack of extra information from you is likely to make any potential buyers look at other cars instead – which is obviously bad news for you!

If you simply don’t have the time or interest to invest in selling your car, you may be better off looking to sell your car on websites that offer online valuations, as this is one least-hassle way of selling your car and doesn’t require you to spend time thinking of what to write for any advert descriptions.

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