The Largest And The Smallest Caravan On Sale Today

Some people aren’t looking to buy just a static caravan – they’re looking to buy the best static caravan in the country. Now, that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Some people like their second homes to be cosy and cute. Others like their static caravans to be monsters that stretch across four separate pitches. 


Admittedly, most people are looking for a caravan that sits somewhere between the two – not too big but certainly not too small either. However, if you were looking to buy an extreme caravan – where would you look and what could you hope to get your hands on? Here’s a guide to the largest and smallest caravan currently on sale in the UK. 


The Monster


You didn’t think that caravans had to be compact, did you? If you did, you’re wrong. Money is the only limit when it comes to restrictions on static caravan size and there are people out there who have a lot of cash to throw around. Unfortunately, those people aren’t likely to be you but you never know – you could always win the lottery one day and then you’ll be able to pick up one of these bad boys. 


The 2011 Abi Westwood caravan is surely one of the largest currently on sale in Britain at the moment. It is a 42ft X 13ft construction that comes with its own fully galvanised heavy duty chassis, says It isn’t very wide but it is extremely long. It even has French patio doors and oak grained timber cladding. Let’s face it – this is more like a house than a static caravan. The kitchen, dining room and lounge are all very spacious for a construction of this width and the caravan itself is decorated in luxuriant reds and browns. 


This caravan is so large that it manages to have its own en-suite bathroom – that’s right, this static caravan has two bathrooms. The en-suite can take a full size bath and shower. Vaulted ceiling and doors are fitted throughout the caravan which also has central heating and double glazing. If all of that weren’t enough – for an extra fee you can swap the full size bath for a Jacuzzi alternative. It sounds like heaven but it comes at an eye-watering cost of £60,000. 


The Tiny One 


The Springbank Leisure Off Road Tab is one of the smallest caravans on sale in the UK – certainly one of the smallest that can be legally towed on British roads. Appearance wise, it looks oddly space-like. It has the look of a space pod of capsule and it’s hard to imagine how anybody could be truly comfortable living inside it. However, on the inside the Tab is surprisingly attractive, say the experts at All of the furniture has been specially designed to match this super compact living space and it does, it really does. The decor is super modern and though it never feels spacious – the Tab manages not to feel cramped inside. 


According to the, a standard Tab caravan will set you back a surprisingly hefty £7,000 and that’s without any of the myriad accessories and optional equipment. It’s a strangely attractive machine this caravan, even if you wouldn’t quite want to spend a whole week in it. Its ergonomic design is rather ground breaking and it happens to be extremely eco-friendly too – towing this caravan costs a lot less in power and emissions. 


Author Bio: Eva has been a caravan dealer for four years. She gets his static caravan insurance from NACO. She lives with husband and young son in a static caravan in Plymouth.

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