Kia is recalling 96,000 Vehicles due to Suspension Problem

This article is about the latest Kia recall affecting more than 95K vehicles.

Kia recall affects about 96,000 vehicles in US and Canada. About 80,000 cars are being recalled from the United States and about 16,000 from Canada. Sedona minivans from 2006-2012 model years are being recalled.


According to the report made by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the minivans are being recalled due to a suspension issue. The thing is that the lower control arms near the wheels are defective: they may rust and break if the vehicle is driven on salty roads.


The recall affects vehicles registered in such states as:



Iowa, Illinois, Indiana,

Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri

New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey



Rhode Island,


Wisconsin, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.


The actual recall will start next month. The owners of Sedona minivans may take their cars to the dealerships and have them fixed free of charge under Kia recall.

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