Manual Transmission Car- Value For Money And Fuel Efficiency Car

The comparison of Manual transmission and Automatic transmission cars is a very old argument to go for.

The comparison of Manual transmission and Automatic transmission cars is a very old argument to go for. People often get confused about the best car to buy in terms of transmission. Before going for which best cars can be bought with respect to transmission let us have a clear knowledge about manual transmission and automatic transmission. Manual transmission cars allow the driver to change the gear as per driving needs with the help of manual clutch pedal. The clutch uses pressure plate and solid clutch plate mechanism. On the other hand automatic transmission depending on the engine and vehicle speed works automatically. The clutch plate mechanism is replaced with a hydraulic torque convertor and there is not any clutch pedal.

The initial cost of manual transmission cars is low whereas the initial cost of similar automatic transmission cars is very high. People usually go for Manual transmission as the fuel efficiency of manual transmission cars is higher because of its low energy loss of a clutch plate based system. Compare to Manual transmission Fuel efficiency of Fuel Efficiency of Automatic transmission car is lower comparatively as the loss of energy in hydraulic torque convertor are higher. Preventive maintenance cost for Manual transmission is low on the other hand Preventive maintenance cost for automatic transmission car is higher. Breakdown maintenance cost of manual transmission which occurs due to transmission related failures is lower compared to automatic transmission because of lesser complexity of manual transmission. Automatic transmission has more complexity. Manual transmission usually looks sportier compared to automatic transmission as the choice of changing gears depends on driver where one can choose drive with more acceleration or fuel efficiency based on the driving style. The driver of automatic transmission does not have fun as they do not have full liberty to choose gears and finds it less sporty as compared to the manual transmission. The demerits of manual transmission are that the driver has less comfort as they have to operate clutch to change gears. It always required more skill to drive manual transmission as compared to automatic transmission.

In terms of the costs there will be an immediate savings when stick will be bought. The total cost of ownership counts more. A manual transmission car typically requires less service so one will be able to save money over time. Depending on the road conditions and way of driving, manual transmission car owner can save 5- 15% on gas.

There’s not any universal right or wrong about either type of transmission. One is needed to choose which factors for buying best cars in India in terms of transmission counts for them. If a person is specific about value for money as well as fuel efficiency then the person should go for manual transmission. Driving manual cars shows that the person is fully involved with the driving of cars. Manual is lighter and handles better, accelerates faster and has higher to speed. It is cheaper to maintain, fix and replace. It is cheaper to buy as well as better on gas because of the lighter weight.

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