Buying cars without any regrets

A few useful tips when it comes to buying your dream new car.

Beating car dealers in their own game should be your main goal when shopping for vehicles either online or offline. Nowadays, spending too much of your income or savings on buying a vehicle is not a wise idea. Unfortunately, this is sometimes not so easy thanks to the many professional car salesmen. And with the increasing demand for vehicles today, most dealers won’t even try to entice you with a low price as they are sure that you will be buying the vehicle anyway sooner or later. Unfortunately, most car owners have nothing to show off for what they bought except regrets once they realize that the salesman took advantage of them.

While there is no doubt that car dealers enjoy home field advantage when selling vehicles, what a car buyer needs to avoid regrets is just some good preparation and negotiating skills. That is why in this article we will talk about how you can handle sly and smart car salesmen and avoid regrets later.


Browse without any buying intention


To start with, the first time that you visit a dealership shouldn’t be a time for buying. Rather, just tell the dealers that you are only looking at cars available and don’t allow them to talk to you into buying anything. In fact, try to visit the dealers when they are closed and roam about looking at window stickers and then go home and launch a serious research based on the information that you have.


Know what the dealer paid for the car


When buying cars, knowledge is important. One of the best ways to avoid future regrets is to find out about the price or the cost of the vehicle from the manufacturer. This shouldn’t be hard as the Internet has all the information that you need to make informed decisions when buying vehicles. There are many websites where you can get the prices of different cars. This will give you a base to launch your negotiations and the dealer will see that you are a smart buyer. If you are able to do this chances are higher that you will be able to beat the dealer in their own game.


Get an online car price quote


When shopping for a vehicle, start by getting an online quote and don’t just get one, several quotes from different dealerships will be much better. Nowadays, most vehicle dealers establish websites where you can request free quotes for cars and this will help you in making an informed decision. Customers are not obliged to pay for quoted prices and you can use the quotes for comparable shopping.

When you are ready to own a vehicle, don’t fall into the trap of dealers who will push you into leasing. Leasing cars (or known in danish as “biler”, for example “Volkswagen biler”) is usually very profitable to dealers and they will try to convince you to take this option instead of buying. A lease is more or less like car renting and you don’t have ownership over the vehicle. There are many websites that are ready to offer you great deals on vehicles.

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