Motorcycle Gears that are Fashionable yet Offer Driving Safety

Riding a motorcycle is fun and exciting. It gives you a thrilling experience especially when you travel or when you are into a motorbike sport.

Riding a motorcycle is fun and exciting. It gives you a thrilling experience especially when you travel or when you are into a motorbike sport.  But then, many encounter accidents in riding a motorcycle for reckless driving, driving for fun and many have even died for not using motorcycle gears and apparels.


Motorcycle gears and apparels are not use to make a fashion statement as a biker but for safety. Others would go out not wearing any helmet or just even wear shorts. When accidents happen and the head has a sudden impact this could damage the brain and would lead to death. There have been many reports or incidents of motorcyclist that had an accident and mostly are injured. Therefore, bikers should protect their lives because we only live once by strictly using motorcycle gears and apparels.


Motorcycle Helmet


A motorcycle helmet will protect the motorcyclist from any debris, insects and from the rain. It will protect the brain and face from an accident. There are helmet that can be worn comfortably like an open face or half helmet. These kinds of helmet cannot be considered as a safety equipment or gear that can give full protection when a biker crashes. The face and eyes are not protected against any debris or bugs. A biker then needs to wear a visor for the eyes protection. There other kinds of helmets like Race Replica, Touring and Sport helmet that can give full protection. When choosing a helmet you must be sure that it is Snell certified.


Motorcycle Jacket


A motorcycle jacket comes in many designs, color and sizes. Choose a leather jacket that has padding on the arms, shoulder and back for these parts of the body to be protected. When wearing a Leather biker jacket do not wear jeans or shorts because when you fall from your bike your skin will not be protected from road rash and abrasion.  This will also keep you warm and dry when you travel and when it rains. 


Motorcycle Gloves 


A motorcycle glove come in two types and you can choose to wear a short type glove or a gauntlet style. This is worn to protect your palms, fingers and knuckles.  Motorcycle gloves are mainly made from a synthetic leather and Kevlar. When you travel you need to use a motorcycle glove with a warm lining to protect your hands from any weather. 


Motorcycle Pants


A motorcycle pants is a must to be worn and not to be neglected by just wearing jeans. This will protect your hips and legs from an unexpected fall from your bike. You can choose to wear a leather motorcycle pants and it is padded in areas that needs protection like your knees, hips and coccyx.


Motorcycle Boots


Motorcycle boots are made to protect our delicate bones in our ankle and feet when riding. It is best to use a heavy duty leather boots that has a hard armor around the ankles to give full protection to the ankle. If you want to feel comfortable when you drive your motorcycle you can choose to wear a motorcycle riding shoe.


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This article has been written by Jodie who is the owner of Rumbler’s Gear. Rumbler’s Gear is an online store dedicated to selling the best motorcycle gear clothing, helmets, boots and gloves. In case you are someone who is particular about the gears and helmets you use then I recommend you check the range of Leather biker jacket gears on our website.

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