Colour trends – Whats hot and whats not?

I’ts always difficult deciding what colour to choose from when buying a new car, so whats in at the moment and whats not?

Colours are constantly evolving and changing with times. Who remembers the era when white cars were a rarity and everything was either black or garish colours! Nowadays, there are lots of options for colours and people are increasingly changing the colour of their vehicles through re-sprays and vehicle wraps. But, how do you know what colour to go for?

Well there are lots of choices; you can either choose to go with the flow and get a plain white, black or red car or you could go for something truly unique. This is where Citroen and Vauxhall and have capitalized  with the introduction of the Adam and the DS3. Both offer 1000s of possiblities of different colour combinations and detailing, Yellow, Greens and baby blue are very current colours, and are unique. Aston Martin, Volvo and Vauxhall are among just some of the companys who have introduced the eye-catching baby blue to their collection. There was even one featured on Top Gear not too long ago!

There is a more cost effective way to change the colour of your car however; A vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps offer all the options you cannot get from the dealer; and at a much lower cost. You can get chrome, matte, metallic, gloss and satin finishes. They all look fantastic and give your vehicle an eye-catching focal point. Matte Dark Grey is definitely the colour in at the moment, but if you feel adventurous you could go for something like Matte Apple Green! 

Hot colours

Matte Dark Grey

Gunmetal Grey

Matte Apple Green

Gloss White

Gloss Black

Coloured Chrome

Not so hot colours 

Matte Black



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