The Defender XS10 with Custom Body Work and Range Rover Wheels

The Land Rover Defender offers drivers a great deal of off road capability. For those that want more luxury, one British company modified the SUV with new body work, interior, chassis, and Range Rover wheels to create a new look and feel.

The Land Rover Defender is a very capable and dynamic off-road vehicle that can handle a great deal of harsh and unforgiving terrain thanks to its engineering and history of expeditions and travel. This has helped create a basic and simple SUV that is backed by years of off-road technology. However, the Land Rover Defender doesn’t offer a great deal of luxury or comfort. So, one British aftermarket tuning company wanted to change all of that and created the Defender XS10 – an SUV that is more than capable off-road but gives drivers and passengers some style and comfort. The new upgrade program includes custom body work, interior detailing, Range Rover wheels, special chassis, and more.

The upgrade program first focused on the exterior design of the rugged SUV. Here the British aftermarket tuning team installed a new widebody kit that includes replacements for both the front and rear fenders that house the larger Range Rover wheels and give3 the SUV a bit more muscle. In the front fender is a set of integrated LED daytime running lights that add to the width of the SUV. At the front of the new Land Rover Defender XS10 is a new grille with mesh inserts and a set of xenon headlamps with a special crossed design. A new sump guard sits below the bumper and a specially designed hood that aids with cooling the diesel engine was installed to improve looks and practicality. Special company logos are worn on the fenders, rear bumper, and spare wheel cover.

The team wasn’t finished with upgrading the exterior with the new body kit. They then focused on the chassis. The British aftermarket tuning company installed a set of off-road performance sport springs that aid in comfort but focus more on improving suspension travel for overcoming obstacles off the road. A new set of larger Range Rover wheels were also installed that are wider than the factory rim and tire setup, and allow the SUV to have a wider footprint. The final touch is a new stainless steel exhaust system to add a few ponies to the diesel engine and produce a better exhaust note.

Inside the design team got to work on virtually every aspect of the seven-passenger SUV. The Land Rover Defender XS10 was outfitted with special red leather quilted seats with black stitching at the front and rear. A special combination of alcantara and soft, quilted leather is worn by the dashboard, arm rests, glove box, and center console. Special features like a larger one-spoke steering wheel, red gauges, red clock, and diamond gear selector give drivers a sense a refined luxury.

The new Land Rover Defender XS10 with body kit, Range Rover wheels, custom interior, and chassis modifications is a more stylish and luxurious SUV that is more than capable off-road.

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