The new Cam Shaft BMW X6 M with Forged Wheels and 710 HP

Cam Shaft BMW X6
Cam Shaft Premium Car Wrapping has taken a BMW X6 M and given it a new look with more power thanks to new engine tuning, foiling, forged wheels, and more!

The BMW X6 M Sport Activity Coupe (SAC) is a incredibly powerful sports car even though it’s bulky in size and offers little capability. It may not be the most practical vehicle in the world, but its extravagant performance when in M-form and its sleek styling makes it a hot commodity for those that can afford the SAC. It fills a niche for the German brand and has even reached over 100,000 sales worldwide. Its popularity led to the German aftermarket tuning company and car foiling specialists at Cam Shaft Premium Car Wrapping to dress the new BMW X6 M and give it a performance tune. The new BMW upgrade features new lightweight forged wheels, a full exterior wrap, engine tuning, and more.

The German aftermarket car tuning team first got to work on the exterior design of the niche BMW model. The X6 M was given a full car foiling that covers the factory paint and does not damage it. The foiling can be easily removed at the company’s headquarters and covers all aspects of the car, even inside the doors for a uniform and clean look. The chosen foiling for the BMW X6 M was a two tone frozen anthracite metallic and diamond matte metallic color that features logos from company products.  Even the forged wheels were given a new hydrographics finish in gold carbon and glossy graphite metallic to match the body foiling of the SAC.

In addition to the foiling the exterior was also given new carbon fiber body work. The front fascia was altered with a new carbon fiber hood and bumper with spoiler lip to ensure maximum downforce on the front forged wheels. The rear was then finished off with a new spoiler and diffuser combo.

Under the ventilated hood sits a tuned 4.4-liter V-8 twin-turbocharged engine. The Cam Shaft Premium Car Wrapping team installed a new Stage 3 PP Performance tune and a full stainless steel exhaust with downpipes and racing catalytic converter. After the upgrades a total of 710 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque is sent to all four forged wheels.

The final aspect of the BMW X6 M that the team focused on was the chassis. Here, they installed a new set of KW coilovers that can be adjusted and lowered for the perfect setup for a given track or road. The team also installed a new set of forged wheels that are lighter than the factory wheel and tire setup.

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