The Ford Focus RS with Forged Wheels and 375 Horsepower

The Ford Focus RS might be one of the hottest hatchbacks on the market but one British tuner is making it even hotter with 375 hp and forged wheels.

The Ford Focus RS may have established itself as one of the hottest hatchbacks on the global market, ousting cars such as the Volkswagen GTI and others with its high performance engine and advanced technology. The mass produced model may not have the same performance as some one-offs from Nissan and other automakers, but it’s still quite a potent sports car. One British aftermarket tuning company wanted to crank up the heat on the hot hatch so they designed a full upgrade program with 375 horsepower, a set of lightweight forged wheels, suspension modifications, and special aerodynamic body work.


The British aftermarket tuning company first got to work on the engine of the Ford Focus RS. The potent, turbocharged 2.5 liter inline-five cylinder engine derived from Volvo was modified to create more power and utilize its forced induction. The engineers installed a full stainless steel exhaust system with 200-cell catalytic converter, sport muffler, and integrated valve flaps controlled by a button on the steering wheel to reduce backpressure and create a more aggressive note. A new carbon fiber air intake system helps the engine breathe more air while a larger water-to-air intercooler ensures boost can be reliably supplied. After an ECU tune, a total of 375 horsepower and 400 lb-ft. of torque from 28 psi of boost pressure is sent to the two front forged wheels through the revoknuckle suspension.  This enables to Ford Focus RS to reach 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds and a top speed of 170 mph.


With the turbocharged five-cylinder engine producing a lot more power than the factory setup, changes had to be made to the exterior of the Focus RS hatchback. The British designers created a high strength and lightweight carbon fiber body kit that optimizes stability at high speeds. The front bumper wears a new large front air intake to supply the new intercooler with fresh air and a new spoiler lip for downforce. A pair of extended fenders with air outlets covers the forged wheels at the front and rear and cools the brakes. At the rear sits a larger roof spoiler and new diffuser that make room for the new exhaust outlets.


The final stage of modifications for the Ford Focus RS came with the suspension and chassis. Here, the British team installed a set of sports lowering springs that provide a stiffer ride but lower height by 20 mm. A set of high performance Brembo brakes were also installed to achieve better stopping power on the hot hatch. The last upgrade was a set of 3 piece forged wheels in a 19-inch diameter with high performance Michelin PS2 tires for optimum grip.

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