Nissan’s GT-R Interior Improved By Vilner

Bulgarian specialists in tuning from Vilner and Nissan GT-R is a perfect match because it’s designing car interior, and that is exactly what the Japanese racer necessary – a bit of style to the interior.

Vilner get his hands on the new GT-R and gave him a leather upholstery and Alcantar in black and purple hues. Red contrasting stitching created diamond pattern on the seats, and red-black combination was also used on the headrests, dashboard, door panels and steering wheel. All plastic parts are factory were painted in gray tones are coated with black piano lacquer, and part of the steering wheel. Even the aforementioned mirror,coated Alcantar.

Clients who have ordered a car and wanted to have an iPad, with Vilner it’s reality. Another special wish was ‘starry sky’, and for this purpose are special built LED lights which are also the first such project in the world.

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