5 New Truck Technologies Guaranteed to Maximize Your Trucks Performance

This article details some of the latest truck technology for truck owners.

The way your truck performs directly reflects on you as an owner. If your truck doesn’t have the maximum performance potential unlocked, you are not taking advantage of your expensive investment. As new technology becomes available, it is easier to upgrade your truck to get the most out of its abilities. There are five new truck technologies in particular that you could utilize to upgrade your truck.

Cargo Ramps

If you are looking for an easier way to load cargo into the truck, cargo ramps may be just what you need. You can easily use the cargo ramp to wheel quads, trailers, tractors, and other pieces of equipment into the bed of the truck. You’ll be working smarter instead of harder, which really beefs up your truck’s use and value to you. 

360 Degree Camera

When you are hauling trailers or other objects, visibility can be an issue. This is especially true when you are trying to park a truck with something hitched to the back. A camera that spans all 360 degrees of your truck can be equipped in order to give you the biggest view possible. You’ll definitely be able to maneuver your truck better with this camera. 

LED Spotlights

These spotlights can be placed anywhere on the truck, but the best spot is the side mirrors. When it gets dark outside, you might still have work left to do. With help from the LED spotlights, you can finish that work before the next day. These lights are perfect for those jobs that require long hours. You’ll boost your productivity and get more work done in the same amount of time. 

Larger Interior Controls

The newest technology includes larger controls in the interior of the truck. This means that buttons such as the windshield wiper control, the air conditioning, the heat, the stereo, and other items are larger. The reason this is wise is because many people that drive trucks wear gloves. Instead of taking your gloves off to push buttons, you can keep the gloves on to fiddle with the controls. 

Cargo Cradle

The cargo cradle also assists truck drivers with hauling items. For items that are too long for the bed, the cradle can keep items in place while the driver travels. The cradle can also create some more bed space by hauling extra items. Cargo cradles are changing trucking as it is known today. If you would like more information about new trucking technologies, don’t hesitate to contact Hackney Truck Repair to see how they can help you.

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