The new G-Power M3 with Concave Wheels and Over 700 HP

The BMW M3 may be out the door for the German company, but the team at G-Power is allowing it go out with a bang thanks to a new upgrade program with supercharged engine, concave wheels, and aerodynamic goodies.

The outgoing E90 generation BMW M3 was quite popular amongst the automotive world. It featured a high revving V-8 engine, a nimble chassis, and superb materials that made it quite the performance car. It garnered numerous awards and recognition from the automotive media from around the world. Now it’s in the process of being replaced by BMW but G-Power has a new supercharged engine upgrade that will make it go out with a bang. The new upgrade program includes a full supercharged engine build, new concave wheels, lightweight aerodynamics, and more to make the BMW M3 even more exciting than its upcoming replacement.


The team started off by upgrading the naturally aspirated 4.0 liter V-8 engine. The team took apart the motor and increased the displacement by 0.6 liters for a total of 4.6 liters output. The internals were upgraded with forged pistons and connecting rings that are built to handle added boost pressure. The G-Power team then installed a new ASA centrifugal supercharger system that feeds the engine with plenty of boost pressure. The new supercharger adds quite a bit of power and its cooled thanks to upgraded water and oil cooling systems along with a large intercooler. A full titanium exhaust helps to reduce backpressure and emit a loud exhaust note from the engine. Finishing things off is a new ECU tune that optimizes a number of parameters. In all, the engine sends a total of 720 horsepower and 700 N of torque to each of the rear concave wheels for dramatic performance. The BMW M3 can accelerate to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds and 124 mph in 9.5 seconds. Top speed is all the way at 211 mph.


The team then got to working on the chassis. Here they began by installing a new set of carbon ceramic brakes that eliminate fade and reduce weight for better overall performance. A new set of G-Power sport coilovers with adjustable settings allows the car to be set up for a certain track. Lightweight concave wheels were chosen for the BMW M3 due to their muscular design. The concave wheels were installed in a 20 x 9.0 front and 20 x 10.5 rear setup and given Pirelli P Zero tires.


Carbon fiber components were also added to aid in high speed stability for the G-Power BMW M3. The car was outfitted with a new front splitter and a hood that aids in keeping the engine bay cool. At the rear sits a new diffuser and a rear spoiler that generates downforce at the rear axle.

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