The TechArt Porsche Cayman with Forged Wheels at Frankfurt

TechArt shows off its new Porsche Cayman upgrade program with new exhausts, forged wheels, and aerodynamics at Frankfurt for the IAA.

One of the biggest automotive shows in the world as the year begins to wind down is in Frankfurt, Germany. The IAA or International Motor Show is a place where automakers and aftermarket tuning companies from around the globe gather to showcase their newest models, technology, and products. This year, TechArt, the German aftermarket tuning company, showcased one of its newest range of products designed specifically for the second generation Porsche Cayman. The new upgrade program features a variety of aerodynamic components as well as new lightweight forged wheels that improve not just looks but performance as well, making the Cayman into an even more exciting sports car.


The new TechArt Porsche Cayman upgrade program is designed for both flat-six engines (2.7-liter or 3.4-liter) offered in the mid-engined sports car. Whether it’s the high horsepower motor or the smaller engine, TechArt can install a full stainless steel exhaust system that spits out a ferocious growl using the variable flap system that is controlled by the driver, as both of the rear forged wheels spin at the push of the throttle. The exhaust system may not be designed for maximum power, but it frees up a few ponies for better overall performance.


The exterior is the main focus on the TechArt Porsche Cayman. The entire body has been sculpted with new aerodynamically optimized body work that generates downforce, improves stability, and increases cooling to vital parts. The front pair of forged wheels are pushed to the ground thanks to a new spoiler system on the bumper and a new bumper bar. New side air channels and mirrors lend a sportier look to the Cayman. At the rear, a new diffuser and adjustable spoiler combo helps keep the axle planted at high speeds and generates additional downforce for enhanced high speed stability and handling.


The final aspect of the Porsche Cayman that was modified by TechArt was the chassis and rim and tire setup. Here, the German aftermarket tuning company installed a new spacer kit to emphasize width and power for the sports car. The team then installed a set of their Formula III five spoke lightweight forged wheels made from aluminum alloy that improves overall driving performance. Behind each of the wheels are orange-painted brake calipers. New sport springs help to lower the overall ride height and center of gravity down by up to 30 mm for better handling properties and dynamics without sacrificing ride quality.

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