2014 New Chevrolet Corvette C7 Render Image

Speculation about the next generation Chevrolet Corvette definitely reached culmination. This is the most important the American sports car. We can expect premiere at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.

Just a few weeks before the official world premiere in Detroit there are render images of new Corvette C7, images are created thanks to many spy photos, this render image should be very close to real car. 

The Corvette C7 is planned in 2007. it supposed to be radically different, with centrally placed engine, the economic crisis and the bankruptcy of GM significantly change the plan. So C7 comes as an evolutionary follow-on generation of C6, Chevrolet Corvette team claim that only rear wheels driving remained  the same as previous model. Thay also claim that this is made to remove Porsche from the throne .

Advanced and very lightweight construction vwith aluminum and carbon fiber will make the new Corvette dramatically lighter, and easier to drive than before, the process of production is 60 percent cheaper than before too.

The new 6.2-liter V8 is powered by new technology, which mean this car have excellent performance and efficiency. It is expected that this engine producing more than 450 hp, thanks to cylinder deactivation in a lower regime. That mean everyone can drive it.

More details and official information about the new Corvette we can expect after Detorit Show.

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