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All about Singer Vehicle Design company and founder Rob Dickinson. Singer Porsche 911 become a legend, read about engine, specs, watch the best Singer video, photo gallery and more.

This is a story about Singer company. A company that, according to the modest opinion of author of this text, designs and modifies the best samples of – the icon of automotive industry – Porsche 911.  Company was founded by Rob Dickinson, former frontment of ex-Catherine Wheel. A vehicle which inspired Dickinson was 964 model of Porsche 911, built between 1990 and 1994.

Singer Porsche 911 photos circulate all over social networks. Its photos can be found all over the internet. Large majority of active Pinterest and Facebook users keep sharing photos not even being aware of this artistic and technological phenomenon.  You don’t have to be a car-junkie to realize how much of passion, obsession and perfectionism it takes to build such a car that awakens an uncontrollable desire to sit behind its steering-wheel.

The Best Singer Porsche Photo Gallery
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Clients of Singer Vehicle Company

Even though a common practice of writing an article dictates such a sub-heading closer to the end of the text, I am intentionally keeping it here to let you have an early insight into the value of this automotive masterpiece.

Singer’s clients are individuals of an outstandingly high social status. Money is not a driving force neither for Singer cars nor people who want to drive them so eagerly. Drivers behind the Singer Porsche’s steering wheels are hardcore car enthusiasts, automotive down to the bone, who don’t ask for the price of restored masterpiece which is a fusion of classical look and modern technology.

A start price of Singer’s model amounts close to $300.000. Those who are harder to satisfy – those who want a better, faster and more unique vehicle – have to separate with up to $500.000. Once you have read the text you will have a clearer look at such, not so affordable, figures.

How Singer Design Became a Legend

Back in 2009, a man named Rob Dickinson was trying to improve his old Porsche 911. After considerable time spent modifying and improving its visual appearance, he had showed his vehicle to some of his friends. It didn’t take a whole month for Rob Dickinson to become a legend – and not as a singer. Dickinson had an idea to make an ultimate Porsche 911, by taking the very best pieces of all the other 911 models – engine, chassis, brakes etc.

Forbes Interviews Rob Dickinson

If one had to describe Rob Dickinson then title of ‘creative perfectionist’ would perfectly befit his personality. Forbes made an interview with Rob named ’11 Questions for Rob Dickinson of Singer Vehicle Design’. You can find the most interesting details of Singer Company inside this interview.

Singer Porsche 911 Engine And Specs

Vehicle’s foundation is 964-chassis, enhanced with use of state-of-the-art tools and chemicals. Vehicle’s front part is removed to free up space for newer and more advanced radiator. This makes an overall design suitable for a longer bonnet taken off the older model (1974-911s) and added onto Singer 911 to achieve more attractive look.  Bonnet, roof, front and rear fenders are made of carbon fibers. About 80% of entire vehicle is assembled of carbon fibers which makes it incredibly light and firm. Only the edges of original car body are made of metal.  

Singer uses air-cooled 3.8-liter flat-six engine. Crankshaft is taken off 996-chassis 911 of GT3 model and freshly modified by Cosworth to meet motorsport standards. Singer Porsche’s engines accommodate power of 360hp all the way up to 500hp. They accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 4.0 seconds. Weight of the Singer Porsche 911, performance and power of engine almost always depend on the client’s demands, varying between 2500 and 2700 lbs (about 1200 kilograms).

Singer car sports serial brakes edition of 991 turbo model. In the beginning, car hosted Brembo’s brakes. As Singer Company strived to avoid companies producing motorsport parts this cooperation fell apart, while Singer Company achieved their initial goal – a machine assembled of the best Porsche parts.

Every single mechanical piece on and inside the car is new. The same goes for car electronics that is being adjusted the way it is done in production process of the other supersport automobiles. Only cable harness built in Singer Porsche cost approximately $30.000. Each of the Singer models hosts different specs while values stay within the above mentioned numbers.

Singer Porsche 911 Design

The goal of Singer models was not to make aggressive and macho-style vehicle but rather authentic friendly-faced automobiles sporting perfect body shape. The ultimate goal was successfully reached – each of us car enthusiasts lust to have a piece within our collection – an effective piece, which looks sexy and is utterly fast. 

Exterior – In the very beginning on their journey to assemble a perfect Porsche – Singer team mounted 17-inch rims (270/45) as design basis of Porsche-style prototype. Harvey Weidman took care of wheels production. I believe we would all agree with Rob’s statement that rims and wheels make up the most of the car. After the wheels Singer team took upon the task of making a sculpture of widened bampers. Bampers were modeled in a company specialized after the tuning fashion – Aria Group. Light bulbs by HELLA – LMP are visually above excellent, they cost somewhere around $500 per piece.

Enterior – Small things like a steering wheel or front lights are prototypes that make this automobile so incredibly attractive. Each and every detail took amount of time, concentration and dedication to look perfect in the end.

Control panel is redesigned. Airbag is removed and panel sports the newest OEM unit, colored and reborn in old-school style to meet the overall vehicle’s appearance. Aluminum décor is carefully spread across the panel – yet another old-school touch.

The End

The feature adorning the work of Singer Company is that they never remain still. Company constantly improves, explores and combines new parts and innovative design to come up with something refreshing. Each part on Singer cars has been redesigned and changed half a dozen times until it finally arouse as perfectly fitting piece of equipment. Even though Singer 911 is not designed to be a track car, the goal of Singer team was to build an automobile of sport performance.

Unfortunately –as the vast majority of drivers – I did not have a chance and honor to drive Singer Porsche 911. Those who did, they witness to incredible engine sound and perfectly accurate gear-box.

Company Profile:

Founder: Rob Dickinson, in 2009
Name: Singer Vehicle Design
Address: Los Angeles, California, USA

The most interesting and the far most informative video I have managed to find for you is: The Singer 911: All You Ever Wanted to Know by CHRIS HARRIS.  

I wish you a safe ride and clear road!

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