52 Year Old Classic Car Set to Explode in Popularity at Auction

We take a look at the 52 year old classic auto that’s set to really become popular in the next few months – take a look

Although you wouldn’t think it was physically possible to own a 52 year old car with only 20 miles on the clock, with only one lady owner (who evidently didn’t drive the car even once), a pristine 1961 Triumph Herald is being offered at an auction very soon.

Originally sold to the lady by her local car dealership, the sales rep who closed the deal received a phone call a few years later from one of the ladies relatives asking if he’d like to buy the car back as she had passed on. I’m sure you can imagine his shock and surprise when checking the clock and discovering it had never been driven.

Very rarely does anything like this come onto the UK market, as the Triumph Herald was an incredibly popular car in its day. Finding an unused one in showroom condition is almost unheard of, so it should be no surprise that experts are estimating that it could sell for well over £15,000 when it is auctioned on Saturday in Norfolk. Though it is possible to pick up old Heralds from the website of a certain reputable car dealer, you’re very likely to come across a one off like this.

So Why Is It Worth So Much?

When they were first produced, this model was renowned for its durability and safety, so an untouched one is an attractive prospect as it would probably last for a good few years if used daily. However, it’s very unlikely that anyone will buy this car as their runaround. Chances are that this particular model will be bought by a collector and possibly even giving to a museum. If you’re going to pay upwards of £15,000 for an old car because it only has 20 miles on the clock, you’d be a fool to drive it anywhere as this would definitely cause its value to drastically decrease. Who knows, if the right collector picks it up, you might be able to view it at a museum near you very soon.

How Much Did It Cost Originally?

For anyone who likes to see the value of items increasing with time, you’ll be very happy to learn that this car was originally sold for £700 when it was constructed at Triumphs plant in Coventry. Now that’s a sound investment if ever I came across one (the only downside being that its taken half a century). Still, it does make me feel more positive about those original Star Wars figures I’ve kept safely hidden away in their boxes since 1977.

Is It Worth Placing A Bid?

If you’re a professional collector, I’d say fill your boots. This is a seriously cool car that would make for a fantastic edition to any showroom or vehicle museum. However, if you’re looking for something to help with the commute to and from work, placing a bid on this model would be very silly.

It’ll certainly be very interesting to see who does win the auction, so keep your ears open, and your eyes peeled.

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