Rebuilding Your Truck-6 New Accessories You Will Want To Slap On

6 Ways To Customize or Renovate your Vehicle

Rebuilding your truck can be a big project to take on that not only gives you something to do in your spare time, but that can also be fun with a rewarding outcome. If you believe that your truck does not live up to its potential in terms of appearance as well as performance, there are a few upgrades and accessories that you may opt to install while rebuilding it. With some simple modifications and accessories slapped on with ease, your truck will not only look better, but can also last longer and work harder than it ever has before. These 6 accessories are sure to increase the value, look and performance of your truck after rebuilding it.



Mudflaps are one of the most affordable accessories that can be extremely beneficial to add on to your truck when rebuilding it. These high-quality pieces of rubber are shaped in a rectangular form and are installed under the truck’s wheel wells. Front mudflaps protect the truck from damage that may be caused from flying rocks and gravel on the roadways while rear mudflaps can also protect those who are driving behind your truck.


Tow Hooks

A great addition to one of your new 99 truck parts to purchase is a tow hook! Tow hooks are steel hooks that are easily bolted on to the frame of the truck and can be used to pull thing or yourself out of tough spots. Simply hook up chains or straps to the tow hooks in order to pull things for short distances.


Lift Kits

If you are interested in giving your truck a more aggressive appearance, than you may opt to install a lift kit while in the rebuilding process. A lift kit includes blocks that are installed between the axle and the leaf springs as well as spaces for the the coils in the front in order to raise the truck higher off the ground.



Winches are an excellent accessory to take advantage of if you do not like the look of tow hooks. Winches are also easier to use and are rated for anywhere up to an amazing 10,000 lbs. Electric recovery winches can be mounted on to your truck’s bumper and used to pull yourself and others out of sticky situations.


Cab Lights

Your truck project would not be complete with slapping on some shiny new cab lights. These lights must be wired correctly in order to function properly. Whether you’re traveling on back roads at night or simply find yourself in an area where additional light is needed, cab lights are a very beneficial accessory for trucks to have installed.



A lockable steel, plastic or aluminum toolbox is the perfect accessory to install in the pickup bed of your truck. These toolboxes are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to meet all of your needs. Here, you can easily store your tools, equipment and other gadgets that you don’t want rolling around the bed of your truck or visible to others.


With these easy to install truck accessories, you’re sure to give your pickup a whole new look and feel after completing your project. Additional accessories that you may opt to install include tie-downs, exhausts, upgraded tires, rims, brush guards and grill covers.

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