Make It Your Own: Five Ways to Customize Your Car To Fit Your Personality

Finding the car that reflects your personality may call for you to make some upgrades to better reflect you. There are plenty of modifications that you can make to truly make it your own. This article has five suggestions.

For a lot of people, their car is just a means to get from one point to another. For others, their car can be an extension of their personality and who they are. Finding the car that reflects your personality can be done, but sometimes you need to give it some help to reflect you. There are plenty of modifications that you can make to truly make it your own.


Unique Paint Jobs

While cars tend to come in a large variety of colors, sometimes the only way to get your car right is to give it a custom paint job. Maybe the red Honda Fit was close, but it wasn’t the exact red that you wanted. You can find a wide variety of quality and interesting paints to have the freedom to do whatever you want with the look of your car. Want some racing stripes? Go for it! Flames on the sides? You be you!


Use Interior Accessories

Interior accessories are a great way to get your car to feel like your own. Floor mats, steering wheel covers, and dashboard covers all come in a variety of different forms. Maybe you like the color red a lot, instead of sticking with the stock floor mats, get some red ones. Interior lighting is also an excellent way to give your car more of your personal flash.


Connect it to Your Smartphone

That’s right. With smartphone applications and the right hardware in your car, you have the ability to start, unlock, lock, and arm your security alarm in your car with just your smartphone. Not only is this cool and high tech, but it’s a nice feeling having your car connected to your smartphone. People also like their smartphone to reflect their personality. This one is a twofer.


Custom Wheels

The wheels on a car can really stand out. Typically, it’s one of the first people notice when they’re glancing at a passing car. There are many different wheels, sometimes referred to as “rims,” to choose from. Chrome looks great on just about any car. All black wheels look great if you’re going for a dark, sleek look. The possibilities are endless. Just pick whichever fits you the most.


Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are a clever way of displaying, for all people on the road to see, what you care about. With that being said, political and religious bumper stickers have a tendency to just be obnoxious and they just entice people to vandalize your vehicle. There are plenty of better bumper stickers to choose from. Do you like dogs? Get a clever bumper sticker that expresses how much you like dogs. Bumper stickers are supposed to make people sharing the road with you laugh. Not want to ram you.


While buying a car is a glorious experience. A lot of people notice that a lot of the look, feel, and design of the car isn’t really up to them. Customizing your car is a great way to make your car unique and exclusive to you.

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