Jaguar XJ Become Pure Luxury Car

Ian Callum Jaguar’s Design Director claim that the new generation of Jaguar XK models could become much luxury.

Jaguar’s Design Director Ian Callum in a recent interview said that the new generation of XK models’ could become much luxury. “Now that the British manufacturer launched the F-Type, it is easy to predict that XK become luxury GT while the F-Type stay  pure sports car. Ian Callum claims that he recognized the opportunity to make this model “a little more special than a regular GT” and acknowledged that the vehicle could increase its size.

While the next XK probably adopt this new strategy, the elegant XJ will remain the same 4-door luxury model although such cars began to lose their popularity because SUVs are started taking their place. Large luxury SUVs are destroyed sedan segment.

Although he did not mention a Jaguar Callum SUV or crossover, he confirmed that the company has “noticed” a large increase in sales of just such vehicles. If Jaguar “heads” decide to take this step, we believe that we will not wait to long to find out which model is set to join the British manufacturer.

Read full interview with Ian Callum

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